Sherilyn Gave Me Yet Another Shock…

…. when I saw red lines that looked like bloody scratch lines all over her eyebrows and forehead 2 days ago. This happened barely a week after Sher drew her mouth with a black color pencil.

I was bending down to wipe her mouth and forehead in the kitchen. When I swept her fringe away from her forehead, I was shell-shocked to see those ‘bloody lines’ all over her eyebrows and forehead. I thought she had cut herself with a penknife or some sharp pencils but on taking a closer inspection, I realized that there were the ink from a red magic color. Phew…. this brat had used a red magic color pencil to draw her eyebrows, as if it were an eyeliner!   She had seen me draw my eyebrows with an eyeliner many times and she thought that she could do the same to her eyebrows with magic color pencils! 

When I asked her what happened, Sher replied “I don’t know!” confidently  and shrugged her shoulders *kaik sei ngor* … can really drive me to early grave lol! 

Don’t you think that these red lines looked like bloody scratch / cut marks?

The brat with the cheeky, mischievous look. That’s how she holds her cup to drink water….. she even has her own ridiculous way of holding a cup…. and she spills water 9 out of 10 times when she drinks water… and these water-spill incidences can really drive me to a madhouse coz it happens everyday without fail! 

No, I am not naughty…”  and that’s Sher’s favorite line whenever she causes a big boo boo!

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A Few More UTI Attacks And My Baby Would Need Surgery

We brought the MCUG film (MCUG done at HUKM 2 months ago) to our pediatric nephrologist at SJMC today.  Upon looking at the film, Dr Indon told us that Baby C’s ureter is positioned slightly lower than where it should be, thus the cause of the frequent urine reflux.   She then referred us to a pediatric surgeon at the same hospital.

The surgeon told us that if Baby C keeps having recurring (breakthrough) UTI, it’s best that a ureteral reimplantation be performed.  This will be a major surgery and the ureter would be reimplanted (repositioned).  Success rate is 99%.  The surgeon said that Baby C is still quite young and he wants to give her body a chance to outgrow this reflux.  It is hoped that the ureter will become longer as she grows, thus reduces the reflux.  However, if Baby C keeps getting UTI attacks, it’s best that the surgery be performed to prevent further UTI attacks, thus prevents her right kidney from being scarred.  

The bill came up to almost RM520 today which consists of consultation fees for 2 doctors (surgeon’s consultation fee is RM100!), immunization (6-in-1 jab and Rotavirus) and miscellaneous charges.  Cut-throat charges eh? 

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My Baptism Of Fire

I am sure everyone has their share of baptism of fire when they first started out to work. I will never forget mine. My first major and important assignment was to be a Recording Secretary at a Domestic Inquiry (DI) in a large bank. The accused had committed criminal breach of trust. It was a tough job for me trying to translate the proceedings of the Domestic Inquiry (which lasted 1 week) into verbatim minutes as I was still a fresh Secretary and being a Recording Secretary in a major DI is not an easy job. I had spent days sitting at the computer with an ear plug plugged to my ear as I listened to the proceedings of the DI on the walkman. On the 4th day of transcribing the minutes, I had accidentally pressed some keys on the computer and everything that I had transcribed was gone in a flash…. and could not be retrieved by anyone. That was 16 years ago and back then, there was no Business Continuity Recovery software to recover files. I was really devastated and had to spend the next 1 week or so transcribing the minutes all over again.

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