Apple Juice + Cranberry Juice For Baby C

Our nephrologist said that cranberry juice is good for preventing UTI and even recommended it to Baby C but Baby C hates it coz it’s darn sour! Most of the time, she would almost puke when she drinks the diluted cranberry juice. So what I do now is that I mix some sweet fresh apple juice into the cranberry juice. But she still hates it coz inside the mixture of juice, I add in a capsule of powdered probiotics. It tastes ok but with the powdered stuff inside her juice, I would say it’s yucky too but what choice does she have? She has to eat these yucky stuff in the hope that it can prevent another UTI attack.

That’s how I make apple juice – by grating the apple on a grater. I then sieve the juice and use a dropper to squirt the juice into her mouth.

This brat now knows how to purse her lips so that I can’t squirt in water, medicine or juice into her mouth!

After feeding her the apple+cranberry juice+probiotics, I reward her by letting her suck on an apple and boy, she loves it!

And guess who snapped this pic?  It’s Alycia and it’s her first try in using my digital camera. Not bad huh?

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Tea For Two

We had dinner at Tea For Two @ Bangsar last Friday.  I ordered an oxtail soup which was very tasty.  The meat was very tender and flavorful.  I also had a large bowl of salad with lots of olives, bacon bites and grilled chicken breast.

This restaurant serves Western food and has quite a cosy ambience inside the restaurant. Do check out what other items we ordered here.

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I Need To Treat My Blisters

I used to have calluses and blisters on my toes but they went away by itself when I stopped jogging for almost a year during my pregnancy and after the birth of Baby C. Now that I have resumed running intensively everyday, the darn blisters and calluses have resurfaced on my toes, bummer! I wonder why they grew on my toes as I wear a pair of good running shoes. Maybe I should really get myself some blister prevention patches from GoEngo. I heard these patches are really good Blister Treatment for people like me who run everyday. They provide immediate relief, are easy to use and are long lasting too.

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