Shopping On A Monday Evening

On Monday, Alycia’s teacher informed us that there will be a concert rehearsal at a rented public hall in town on Tuesday.  The actual concert will be held next month.  All participating students are to wear white shoes and white socks. A school bus will ferry the students from the kindergarten to the hall on Tuesday. I remembered Alycia had 2 pairs of white shoes and quickly searched the shoe cabinet for them. I found them but Alycia had outgrown the old pair of white shoes and as for the new one, it looks like a pair of ballerina shoes and was not quite appropriate for the concert. So daddy brought all of us to Mid Valley to shop for a pair of white shoes for Alycia. We left the house after dinner and reached Mid Valley at around 7:30pm. Whilst I shopped for baby stuff, daddy brought Alycia to the Tree House to shop for her white shoes.

I managed to get everything for Baby C quite fast. As daddy was still at the shoe shop with Alycia, I went to the ladies department. I had wanted to get myself a pair of jogging shoes and Craghoppers but the sizes that I was looking for were all sold out.   After shopping, we had supper at Tin Tai Fung Chinese Restaurant @ Gardens. We reached home at 10ish pm. I quickly fed Baby C her daily antibiotics and showered the 2 older girls and all 3 of them went to bed soundly by 11pm. What a hectic day it was for me.

Our supper at Tin Tai Fung Chinese Restaurant.

The pair of white shoes from Tree House for Alycia’s concert.

Baby C wearing the new hairband that I bought her.

Alycia helping me entertain Baby C whilst I ate my supper.

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The Pacific Elixir

The pediatric surgeon whom we are consulting now has advised us to increase the prophylactics antibiotics intake for Baby C to twice a day. He told us to do that for 2 weeks and thereafter, to do another urine culture test to see if there are still bacteria in Baby C’s urine. I am really worried of the effects the antibiotics will have on Baby C because she has to take the antibiotics for several years or until the Kidney Reflux resolves by itself. If I were living in the Pacific, the Hawaiians would have given kava kava to Baby C. Kava kava is called the Pacific elixir and is known to help cure a broad range of ailments. Kava kava is certified by the FDA to be safe. I am just wondering if this Pacific elixir can help prevent Urinary Tract Infections.

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My mil is a coffee lover, so much so that she even has a special coffee grinder to grind coffee beans so that she has a cup of very aromatic coffee every morning.

This is the coffee-maker / coffee bean grinder

Whenever Alycia and Sher see mah mah grinding the coffee beans, they will surely fight to lend a helping hand.

The ground coffee powder is collected in a little drawer in the coffee-maker.

The coffee powder is then poured into a disposable paper sieve put on top of a special funnel. Hot water is then poured on the coffee powder.

Even her coffee beans are kept in a special container that is air-tight, which my mil uses a special pump to pump out all the air (on the cover of the container) before she keeps them in the fridge!

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Get Free Habbo Credits at metaRL

I always hear my teenage cousins talk about Habbo and at a party last week, I asked my cousin what Habbo is. Habbo is a global, online social network aimed specifically at teenagers. It features a large number of “rooms” where users can get together, and the whole thing is presented as if taking place in a huge, virtual hotel. Individual users known as Habbo have their own private spaces and homepages and they are able to share content, create groups, chat and play games together.

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