Alycia’s First Ballet Concert

Today was Alycia’s first ballet concert and her first ever concert in her life.  Alycia has only been attending 8 months of ballet lessons and she joined her other classmates who have been learning ballet for 1-2 years in the concert.

It’s a shame I couldn’t attend the concert as the entire concert lasted around 2 hours.  This included the performance by other performers like pianists, violinists, etc who took lessons from the center.  I didn’t want a situation where Baby C fussed or cried and caused a stir in the studio. I made sure daddy brought along the camera and camcorder.

Alycia did not smile throughout the concert as she felt uncomfortable with the sticky lipstick on her lips…. which was also the first time she had lipstick applied on her lips.  She told me that her teacher even sprinkled some silver dust on her lips and she dared not close her mouth throughout the concert ….. which made her look kinda stiff and grouchy lol!

Alycia has been telling me that she doesn’t like to attend ballet classes.  That’s because I can no longer accompany her to the classes like I used to before Baby C’s arrival.  Most of the parents there accompany their daughters throughout the ballet lesson.  I told her that once baby’s a little grown up, I can accompany her to her classes every week…. which made her happier!

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Online Degree

When I was feeding Baby C her antibiotics at our garden yesterday, I chit-chatted with my neighbor, a grandmother in her 70s. Though I have been staying in this neighborhood for 2 years, we rarely talk to each other, safe for saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ when we meet. But yesterday, this grand old dame was in a chatty mood. I can see that she is one very proud mother as 8 of her 10 children are graduates. She told me proudly that her 8 children have degrees from universities abroad. I was really amazed with how her late husband (who was only working as a Manager in a plantation) had paid for the university course fees for their 8 children. Maybe some of her children pursued an online degree from universities such as Capella University, a fully accredited online university. Studying online for a degree is much cheaper than going abroad to pursue the degree. I hope the hubs will be able to send our 3 girls abroad to study in future. However, if he cannot afford it, I really don’t mind our girls pursuing an online degree from universities such as Capella University.

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Sher’s Yet Another Pee Accident

Maybe Sherilyn is just not ready to be off diapers when she naps during the day. A few days ago, she went upstairs to her mah mah’s bedroom and napped with her. My mil had forgotten to put a plastic sheet under Sherilyn. I was busy with Baby C. I had wanted to go up to ensure that the plastic changing mat and plastic sheets are all laid but Baby C was fussing and I had soon forgotten all about it.  In fact, I have been so consumed with Baby C’s daily feeding and cleaning regimen that I have neglected my 2 older girls quite a bit lately. I’ll blog about Baby C’s tedious regimen of feeding her antibiotics, probitiotics, cranberry juice and other supplements later.

An hour later, Sher came downstairs and as usual, announced to me nonchalantly “mummy, my shirt is wet...” My maid had to carry the daytime-napping-mattress down and out to the porch to have it washed as it was soaked with stinky pee.

The mattress that was just washed, hanging in the porch.

After this pee accident, I told myself that maybe Sher just ain’t ready to be off diapers during her nap. Though many times I had brought her to pee half-way through her nap, she would still pee in her pants later. The pee accidents and cleaning up part are really draining me out….. and I am already very very frazzled with Baby C’s daily feeding and cleaning regimen. So with a white flag, I regressed and put a diaper on Sher again during her naptime on days when I feel too exhausted to wake (and drag/force her up from bed!) Sher up to pee.

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