Get Free Habbo Credits at metaRL

I always hear my teenage cousins talk about Habbo and at a party last week, I asked my cousin what Habbo is. Habbo is a global, online social network aimed specifically at teenagers. It features a large number of “rooms” where users can get together, and the whole thing is presented as if taking place in a huge, virtual hotel. Individual users known as Habbo have their own private spaces and homepages and they are able to share content, create groups, chat and play games together.

If you are a Habbo fan, do you know that you can earn free habbo credits at metaRL, a portal for everyone who visits virtual worlds? At metaRL, you can participate in games, surveys, tasks and contests and earn virtual world currency. Here at metaRL, you earn metaPoints which you can then transfer into your account whether it’s free lindens for SecondLife, free peds for Entropia, free imvu credits for IMVU, and even free Habbo Credits for! The best part is metaRL is FREE to use! No wonder they have over 160,000 members!

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