Our Hari Raya Holiday

We treated our maid to a buffet lunch at the coffee house @ PJ Hilton today.  Many families were seen treating their maids to the buffet lunch too, in celebration of Hari Raya.

Kids being kids, Alycia and Sherilyn attacked the crackers, keropok, sausages and ice-cream.

I filled up a bottle of water for Baby C but she hated the bottle and gave me the ‘I almost want to puke’ look when I let her suckle on the teat. She also didn’t want to sit in her pram and kept whining and fussing till we brought her out and carried her round the coffee house.

After lunch, mah mah discreetly  brought Alycia to the car park with koo por (hubby’s aunt) as they wanted to go  shopping at Giant. Hubby and I tried to distract Sher and brought her to our car.  Alycia had wanted to follow mah mah and koo por shopping but mah mah can only handle 1 kid, so she told Alycia not to let Sher know.  It’s always not easy to handle Sher as she can be very wayward and would run wild in the shopping mall, touching everything that she sees. Even I can’t control her.  In the car, Sher kept asking “mummy, where is cheh cheh?  I love my cheh cheh. She’s my good friend.  Why is she in koo poh’s car?  Where are they going?”  Hubby and I told some white lies coz if Sher found out that they had gone shopping without her, all hell would break lose until they return home!

How did you spend your Hari Raya holiday?

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