The One With Neverending Antics And Ideas

and it always has to be my #2. Sherilyn oh Sherilyn!

Sherilyn hates to take her afternoon nap, unless she’s really very sick and feeling groggy, from the after effects of the meds. If she can have it her way, she would play from dawn till dusk and wouldn’t wannna sleep, eat or shower. The other day, she kept telling me that she’s not sleepy… but she was holding a pillow and walking round the house… with her eyes almost closing…. but she still didn’t wanna go near the mattress! And guess where she insisted she wants to “lie down only, not sleep”?

On 2 chairs…. and she even knew how to arrange the chairs in such a way that she could lay down comfortably, like this :

I’ll bet you can’t be angry with your rascal too if you saw her like this… so mischevious yet so cute!  I had to pull her up half way through her nap, just in case she fell off the chairs or peed on the pillow.  After she had peed, I dragged her back to the mattress to sleep with Alycia but in her groggy state of mind, Sher could still walk back to the 2 chairs to continue her nap! 

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