Alycia Knows How To Call Daddy On The Handphone Now

The girls seldom see daddy as he normally comes home late.  When they miss him, they will ask me to call him so that they can talk to him on the phone.  Most times, they will pester daddy to buy them things and to bring them out or to remind daddy to come home early for dinner.

Last week, Alycia kept bugging me to write down daddy’s handphone number on a piece of paper. Thereafter, she dialled the number and after a couple of tries, she succeeded in connecting the line…. and she was so proud! She has since kept that piece of paper and now, she would call daddy herself without going through me!

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I Miss Wearing My Jewelry

Ever since Baby C’s arrival, I have stopped wearing my gold jewelry and they are all safe kept in the bank now. I don’t even wear my watch now though I’d love to wear it. I tried wearing a watch once but I had accidentally scratched Baby C’s leg with the watch. It’s safer to remove anything with a rough surface from my body as I am always carrying Baby C. I feel really ‘naked’ without any watch or jewelry on my body. I even want to remove the diamond pendant and necklace that I am wearing now because Baby C is always pulling the necklace. I can’t wait for Baby C to be able to walk so that I can wear my watch and jewelry again. I am so going to shop for some nice designer costume jewelry once Baby C can walk and does not need me to carry her so often.

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