I Almost Ate Some Wriggly Worms

A few mornings ago, I cut a passion fruit into half and scooped out the seeds and when I was about to put the spoonful of passion fruit seeds into my mouth, I saw something wriggling amongst the seeds of the passion fruit which was still attached to the skin.  On taking a closer look, I was absolutely petrified to see some worms wriggling away!  I used the spoon to separate the cluster of seeds and felt nauseated when I saw some more worms, which looked like maggots inching their way inside, back inside to hide!  OMG, I felt absolutely revolted.

This was the worm-infested passion fruit. Notice the white pulp which also resembles worms? 

I had actually been very wary of eating passion fruits as many times, I’d seen very tiny holes, like worm holes on the outer skin of the fruit. That particular morning, I noticed something not quite right about the fruit when the yellow flesh looked somewhat dull, like fresh baby’s watery poop! Ooppsss…. sorry for being gross but that’s what I thought it looked like.

One of the wriggling worms on the right.

After that incident, I now scoop out all the flesh and seeds into a bowl. I then loosen the flesh and seeds and scrutinize them very carefully before putting them into my mouth.  I still have phobia of swallowing some worms but I still have to finish off the remaining passion fruits that my mil had bought.  I think this will be our last time buying passion fruits.

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An Unforgettable Honeymoon In Phuket

My honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand was an eventful one. Not only did I suffer injuries to my foot during a snorkeling trip (which eventually required a minor surgery), it was also the first time I ever saw a ship on fire. We were on the ferry, on our way back to Phuket from Phi Phi Island after a snorkeling trip. Half way through the ferry ride, we noticed that the sky was blanketed by lots of dark smoke. The ferry directly behind our ferry was on fire and half the boat had capsized. There were many rescue boats to rescue the passengers from the ferry, many of whom were tourists. I heard some of the crew members in the fateful ferry were injured. Thank God we were not on that ill-fated ferry. I am sure the injured crew members must have sought the services of a maritime attorney to help them seek compensation for injuries suffered. I will never forget this trip of ours in Thailand.

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