Alycia’s School Concert

Today is Alycia’s school concert and it’s the first time she ever participated in a school concert.  They have been practising for almost a month and today’s finally her big day.

Parents were told to apply light make-up on the kids. Alycia hated it when I applied powder on her face and lipstick on her lips. She kept wiping the lipstick off.

After I had helped her put on the costume, I laughed at her coz she looked so cute and chubby in the sexy costume. But Alycia was crossed with me and said “don’t laugh, it’s not funny ok” lol!

Alycia practising the Mexican dance moments before she left for the concert hall. She danced and danced and jumped about so much that her face and head were all sweaty again, though I had just showered her. The make-up was also all gone. I think her teacher will touch up her make-up before the concert starts.

Daddy, mah mah and Sherilyn had just left the house to attend the concert.  Sher would have to sit on daddy’s lap as tickets are limited.  It’s a shame I am unable to attend her concert again. I just can’t wait for Baby C to grow up so that I can be more involved in Alycia and Sher’s extra-curricular activities.

My living room looks so horribly messy!  What an eye sore lol!

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