How Kids Can Make You Look Crazy

I say that coz today, I looked like a ‘soh poh’ (literally means crazy woman) when I wore my mil’s slippers to church LOL!! 

As usual, we were rushing like mad to reach church on time. I was outside the door of our house and my 2 older gals were wearing their shoes. I was carrying Baby C and had taken my wedge platform shoes out from the shoe cabinet.  I was about to wear them when I noticed Alycia, my pretty daughter with a tomboy sense of fashion wearing a pair of sports shoes with her pretty dress!  Of course, I stopped her coz she looked so funny wearing sports shoes in a dainty, pretty dress.  I asked her to wear a more matching pair of shoes but she refused.  So I brought the shoes to the car and got inside the car…. without changing my own shoes…. and daddy drove off to church… o_O!

When I got down the car upon reaching the church, I felt something not quite right on my feet.  I looked down and was shocked to see my mil’s Crocs slippers which looked oversized on my feet! OMG, I told my hubby and he said “so how, you want to attend church or not?” I said “of course, we’re already here!”

As I walked to the Sunday School class, I was hoping that no one would notice my legs and feet…. in the oversized worn out flip flops. I really looked like a soh poh… carrying a baby in my arms, wearing pretty clothes but with a pair of oversized flip flops with black dirt stains on them. I consoled myself that at least the flip flops is an original Crocs, not just pasar malam slippers wor. My maid and I were laughing at my own ridicule!

When we were in the Sunday School class, my maid offered to let me wear her sandals. The sandals, which still looked new belonged to my previous maid and she had forgotten to bring them back to Indon. Fortunately I had bought her a presentable pair of sandals. I took her offer and swapped shoes with my maid. It was after I swapped shoes with my maid that I had the courage to walk inside the church to attend service. You would laugh at me too if you saw me in the oversized flip flops…. but I had a good laugh!

So the moral of my story is :

1) Always look at what you are wearing before you step into the car.  With your bunch of boisterous kids around,  you can’t think straight and tend to forget many things sometimes.

2) Always buy your maid presentable shoes coz you never know when you will need to wear her shoes !

Here are some pix of Baby C playing with her cheh cheh’s new toy cars taken this week.

Alycia who is very fond of hugging her baby sister hugged her so tightly that…..

…baby fell on the gym mat and knocked her head.  Thank God the gym mat is soft and she didn’t bawl.  Notice Alycia’s expression here as she was shouting “Ooopsssss baby….”

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