Her Cup Is Now Her Favorite Item

I mentioned that I will post about the item that can keep Baby C occupied most of the time, an item that she does not seem to get bored with…. YET…  Today is the 4th day and Baby C is still very much besotted with her Tommy Tippee cup.  Whenever I need to have my meals, I will put Baby C in her playpen and give her the cup and this can distract her for at least 15-20 minutes, during which time I have to quickly gobble down my food.

Baby C will then lick and play with her cup and make suction sounds when she places the cup over her mouth.  It amuses her that her voice can be magnified when she places the cup over her mouth and she goes “wor wor wor…. aaarrrr aaaarrr aaarrrr…..”  sooooo cute!

Hmmmm, just when will mummy bring me out from this cage that’s darn hot inside?

The other items that can keep her distracted are her diaper, tissue box, wet tissue box and just about anything that’s not meant for her.  Looks like she’s just like her 2 cheh chehs.   The forbidden apple always look so tempting eh?

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