My Daily Diaper-Changing Battle

My battle with Baby C each time I change her diaper started 2 weeks ago. I had this battle with Alycia and Sher too when they were Baby C’s age.  Changing their diaper was such a great challenge that I needed my maids’ help whenever I needed to change their diapers.

Now, I  need at least 1 minute to fasten Baby C’s diaper…. loosely first, so that she would not pee and wet the bed and herself…. then unfasten the tapes again to readjust them properly much later.  Each time I need to change her diaper, this hyper Energizer bunny would flip over, arch her back, scream and crawl to her favorite item – the tissue box, grab the tissue box, pull out a tissue and stuff it into her mouth or she would grab other items from my bed. 

Yesterday, it was the first time I raised my voice at her coz I was struggling to put the diaper on her and she was like a little baby monkey, full of energy and refused to lie still on her back.   Today I hit her bum gently with my hands when she kept arching her back and flipping over.  My back would hurt like hell as I bend over to put the diaper on her…. and  I need to move my hands at lightning speed to fasten the tapes on her diaper.  Most times, she would flip over in a split second and crawl everywhere, with me pulling her legs to position her body back on the changing mat.  Sometimes I would distract her by giving her a fresh diaper to chew on for a few seconds (I know it’s disgusting but that’s the only way to keep her still), or the box of tissue for her to lick (I know, it’s disgusting too).  When she’s engrossed playing with these forbidden items, I will then quickly position the diaper beneath her bum and fasten the tapes before she flips over again.  It’s really a battle and involves lots of power struggle just to put on a diaper and I have to go through this motion like 10 times a day!  She even arches her back and whines softly when I change her diaper in the wee hours of the morning.   Not only is this task back-breaking, it makes me sweat as though I’ve just toiled under the sun in some laborious chores.  These days, I sweat so much handling Baby C that I have to shower at least 3 times a day, sometimes 4 times a day.  I kid you not, can you beat that? 

Is your baby like that too? 

My little uncontrollable energizer bunny crawling to grab my camera pouch when I changed her diaper last night.  I took the opportunity to snap a pic of her in action.

Flipping over to grab other things on my bed before I can even put on her jammies.

Check out my daily schedule with Baby C here.

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