Doing Physical Stimulation Exercise With Baby C

The experts say that a good physical program is vital for the development of the baby’s brain. Last night I did a little physical stimulation exercise with Baby C, which she always seems to enjoy. She’s another samseng, just like her 2 cheh cheh when they were her age.

First, I let her crawl on cheh cheh’s queen size mattress on the floor, whilst I blew dry my hair after my bath. Aly and Sher cheh cheh were playing jig saw puzzle on the floor ….

then I held both her feet and put her upside down and swung her left and right like a pendulum, which she actually likes, surprisingly….
BTW, Alycia snapped this pic, not bad eh?

then I rolled her on her sides, like a log….

put her on the bolster, arched her back and rolled her….

let her crawl till the edge of the mattress and tell / show her what height is.

Baby C seems to know that she will fall upon reaching the edge of the mattress and will normally stop there, waiting for me…. She loves those colorful stickers on the mirror and always crawls towards the mirror to touch those stickers….

As she reached the edge of the mattress, she slowed down, kept looking at the floor. When I put her hands on the floor, with her legs still on the bed, she fussed a little….

then whined a little……

But she loved all the physical stimulation exercises and cried when I put her back into her crib.

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