2 Square Meals Of Bread Today

I am a bread lover. I can eat bread everyday yet hardly get fed-up of em.  I’m talking about wholewheat and multi-grain and seeds bread. Though I love white bread, I hardly eat them as they are fattening and not that healthy.  

That’s what I had for breakfast today :
2 slices of toasted Adventist sprouted wheat bread with peanut butter and kaya, with my favorite Lemnos Black Forest fruit cheese and Seriously Matured Cheddar cheese.

For lunch, we had boiled fat BBQ sausages and Japanese cucumbers wrapped with pancake-thin pan-fried eggs and bread. This time, I ate the multi-grain bread which my mil bought from Bread Talk yesterday.  I spread some organic black sesame bread spread on my bread.

Alycia and Sher couldn’t be happier to see big fat sausages on the dining table when they came back from pre-school. They just love sausages to bits. I guess food that you rarely get to eat taste better huh? I hardly buy them sausages and other deli meat as they are one of the unhealthiest food around. They are loaded with sodium, preservative, MSG, other food additives and I have no idea what sort of meat they use to make the sausages and hams.

Read more about the sprouted wheat bread at my health blog.

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