Baby C Exercising On My Fitball

That’s me doing some physical stimulation exercises with Baby C on my fitball.  I started this exercise with her 2 days ago.  The first time I placed her on the ball, held her legs and moved her backwards, she cried a little.  I then carried her up and gave her a big hug and comforted her a little.  I then tried the exercise with her again and this time, she giggled!

My fitball is my life savior.  With regular exercises on my fitball, I rarely suffer from backache.  However, the backache will only be kept at bay if I exercise on the fitball everyday or every other day.  If I slacken for a few days, the backache will slowly rear its ugly head again and nag me.  So for those of you with backache, I strongly recommend getting a fitball and arch your back on it.  All you need is just 5 minutes a day.

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