Baby C Can Stand… And Loves Freefalling Too!

My little samseng managed to pull herself up by holding on to the crib railing to a standing position for the past one week. 3 days ago, she discovered the adrenalin rush when she let go of both her hands and freefall onto the mattress, landing on her back… and instead of crying, she giggled *slaps forehead* Looks like this little samseng likes ‘chee kek’ (exciting, extreme acts) stunts.   Oh boy, I just hope she’s not like Sherilyn who always gives me heart-stopping moments when she grows up.

I’m almost there mummy…

I’m almost up mummy… hmmmmm…. let me balance my weight on my hands and legs…

All done…. how nice the view is when I’m standing… it feels even better when I let go of my hands and fall onto the mattress….

Today, I tied another layer of cot bumper into her crib (making it a double-decker cot bumper), so that she will not hit her hand on the crib railings when she freefalls!  I think this little samseng will start to cruise in a couple of weeks’ time, when she turns 7 months old.  I just have a feeling she will start to walk at 8 months old! 

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