My Little Helpers

There are 9 mattresses currently in use in our house, which includes 2 baby cribs, 1 playpen, 4 single mattresses, 1 queen-sized mattress and 1 king-size mattress.  Though there aren’t that many people living in our house, there are many rooms in our house and my 2 brats has the option to choose where they want to sleep every night.  Sometimes they sleep in their own room, sometimes they camp out in my room and on most nights, they sleep on the floor on a single mattress with mah mah.   The bedsheets are changed once every 1.5 weeks. When my maid is busy, I will help her change the sheets.  Last week, I enlisted the help of Alycia and Sherilyn to change the pillow and bolster cases.  I thought they would ignore me as they were in the midst of playing but they were more than happy to help, especially Alycia.

Alycia struggling to put the pillow case into the pillow…. Baby C was having a ball gallivanting the floor and playing with the pillows…

… she tried all sorts of ways to put the pillow case in, including sitting on top of the pillow…

…and after more than 5 minutes, she succeeded and was really proud of herself!

Sherilyn my playful brat also lent a helping hand when she saw her cheh cheh helping…. and she also succeeded in putting the pillow case into the pillow. She would normally not help me and would prefer to play but since her cheh cheh was helping, she doesn’t want to be left out. Sher is like a rubber stamp… she has a tendency to follow EVERYTHING that her Alycia cheh cheh says or does…. like a parrot lol! 

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