When All Else Fails To Wake Her Up….

Whenever I have problems waking Alycia up from her sleep in the morning or in the afternoon from her nap, I don’t have to drag her up or use threats or bribes anymore.  I used to have a real hard time getting Alycia to wake up on some days but not anymore now. All I need to do is to place Baby C next to Alycia and put her hand round Baby C and voila…. Alycia’s face will instantly light up, with a smile on her face, though her eyes are still closed.  And she will give Baby C a peck on the cheek or on the hand… and she will say softly to her baby sister “cheh cheh loves you baby“!   That’s how much Alycia adores her baby sister…. and she just loves having Baby C next to her when she sleeps. 

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Get Free Images For Your Blog

It’s mind-boggling to think how some bloggers can maintain dozens of blogs. Samm, I really don’t know how you manage to maintain close to a hundred blogs, handle your 2 kids with no maid helping you. Even with 3 blogs, I am cracking my brain for ideas, dying for a gush of brainwave on what to write on some days. To those of you juggling your time maintaining more than a dozen blogs, can you tell me where on earth you get your ideas to write from? And how do you manage your time? Most of you are a mother, a wife and a full-time blogger who blogs for money. I wonder if you guys actually sleep at all!

Sometimes when my brain is half-dead and I loose my zeal to write, especially when I am stressed up with Baby C’s recurring UTI, my 2 older girls or are drown with my own problems, I just don’t know what post to dish out in my blogs. I have hundreds of people from all over the world reading my blogs everyday and I feel bad that I can’t whip up a good post in my blogs. At times when I don’t even have the time to snap pictures for my blogs, I have the slight urge to copy pictures from other websites to publish them in my blogs to keep my readers entertained. But I know it’s wrong as this would mean infringing other people’s copyrighted pictures and I can land myself in a hot pot of boiling soup if I did it.

Today, I found out that I can copy pictures from a website called acobox.com. Acobox has free images for bloggers and if you want to copy the images into your blog, just hop over to their website. Go to their photo galleries, choose a picture that you like, copy the image code with a click and put it into your blog post with Ctrl-v. It’s so simple to do it and I don’t even have to resize or upload the image. Blogging with image gets really easy when you can copy free images without landing yourself in trouble!

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