Doing Revision With Alycia

I have been doing revision with Alycia since Friday last week to prepare her for her pre-school exam for 5 year olds this week. It ain’t easy coaching her as her mind tends to wander off somewhere else except to her books… the TV, to food or to the bed!  Sherilyn my brat would also be asking me tons of questions to get my attention, not to mention having to carry Baby C with my left hand and hold a pencil with my right hand.

Anyway, I find that Alycia and Sher’s pre-school has quite a tough syllabus for pre-schoolers. I really don’t remember learning all those things when I was 5 yo or even 6 yo and attended kindy.  And yet I turned out ok now!  Maybe most pre-schools these days are very competitive and have to raise the standard of their syllabus to entice kiasu parents… eerm like me?

I was teaching Alycia synonyms and antonyms, common nouns, proper nouns, punctuation marks and other things meant for Primary 1 and 2 kids! I doubt she remembered everything that I revised with her. Even I would forget.  Her Bahasa Malaysia is not easier either and they have been learning simpulan bahasa, kata kerja, kata tanya, antonim, sinonim, penjodoh bilangan and much more.   Not only is she feeling the stress, I am also feeling the stress and anxiety for her.   

I wonder how Alycia fared in her English and Bahasa Malaysia test today.

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What’s Your Plan For New Year’s Eve This Year?

I remember very vividly our new year’s eve last year. It was one of my best. I was 6 months pregnant with Baby C then and our whole family (the hubs, Alycia, Sherilyn and my former maid) checked into a hotel in the heart of KL city. We took a monorail train ride to the Bukit Bintang area and walked all the way to Pavillion where we had a sumptuous dinner at a Japanese restaurant. After dinner and shopping, we then walked all the way back to the monorail train station. We then had another round of dinner at the fine dine restaurant in the hotel. At the stroke of midnight, we all watched the spectacular fireworks display taken off at the KL Towers and KLCC twin towers from our hotel room, which had a perfect view of the entire fireworks and laser lights show.

This year, well, I think we would most likely be staying at home. Where can I go with Baby C being so clingy to me? Anyway, we can all view the spectacular fireworks and laser lights show display again at the KL Towers and KLCC twin towers from the 5th floor of our new condo, which coincidentally also has a good view of the KL Towers and KLCC twin towers. I wish I could have a glitzy New Year’s Eve Cruise in New York City. My friend told me she had one last year and it was simply mesmerizing as she went on board a boat at the New York Harbor and watched the sparkling lights of the city. She and her hubby enjoyed a full open bar, champagne toast at the stroke of midnight, non-stop DJ who supplied the soundtrack and a front row seat of spectacular fireworks display on New York Harbor. Once again, I can only day dream of the day I can finally travel again, which will be in another year or so, until Baby C outgrows her Kidney Reflux and does not need to be on constant medication anymore.

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