Doing Revision With Alycia… Part II

Coaching Alycia in her homework and doing revision with her require tons of patience.   Each time I sit with her over her homework or revision, I would try really hard not to loose my cool and blow my stack at her coz I am an extremely impatient person.  Being too pushy and hard on her will only frighten her and jam up her mind…. though I must admit that at times I did raise my voice and said nasty words to her…. which I feel really bad afterward.   So most times, I use the carrot on the rabbit to motivate her. I use food to bribe  motivate her…. and it worked…. coz she’s a real foodie, just like her daddy. 

I used the Deepavali cookies that my Sikh neighbor gave us to reward Alycia if she got her sinonim and antonim (in Bahasa Malaysia) correct…. and I could see that she tried her level best. Her eyes were just fixated at the cookies and she was almost salivating as I asked her each of the sinonim and antonim last week, muahahahaha…

Picture taken on Sunday.  We did the revision over lunch as we did not have much time left.

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I Will Tell Daddy….

My hubby has a tendency to spoil the girls rotten. His daughters’ wishes are always his command and he hardly ever says ‘no’ to them. He is a yes-man when it comes to his 3 princesses.   Oh, how I wish he too is a yes-man to me…. but dream on! Anyway, Alycia and Sher have now taken advantage of their daddy’s leniency and yes-man attitude towards them that they will ask him for everything under the sky whenever I am not around!  They are like rats when the cat is away! I am always the bad guy when it comes to disciplining the girls and the one tightening the pockets.  Daddy hardly scolds them. In fact, I will be the one being chastised when his princesses are being reprimanded by me.   Fair or not you say? Angry or not you say?

And I just hate it when Alycia and Sherilyn tell me this whenever I discipline or forbid them in doing something…. “Hmmmph, I’ll tell daddy you don’t want to give me (this and that)” or “Hmmmph, I’ll tell daddy not to bring you out” or “Nevermind, I’ll tell daddy to give me” or “Hmmmph, I’ll tell daddy to scold you” …. in a tone that’s meant to threaten me!  This happens all the time whenever they (especially Sherilyn) are being reprimanded by me. With 2 toddlers constantly challenging me physically and mentally and a baby who is practically breaking my back everyday, I don’t even need the best diet pills to help me loose weight.

Who’s the bad guy when it comes to disciplining your kids at home? Is it you or your hubby?   Do your kids ever say “I’ll tell daddy….. (this and that)” to you, in a tone that’s meant to threaten you?

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Second Car Would Have To Come Later

My wish of owning a car next year would have to be mothballed until the world economic crisis is over. With such gloomy news on the world economy, the hubs just isn’t bold enough to make another big commitment. Every morning as I flip through the newspapers during breakfast, every page on the business section of the newspapers is on recession, retrenchment, unemployment, financial bail-out, countries requiring financial assistance, large banks and corporations on the verge of collapse, etc. Even if the hubs suggests to buy another car, I would stop him. Though the government had recently reduced the prices of petrol, it’s really hard to predict if they would increase it again. Everything is just so unpredictable and uncertain now. It’s best that we keep our cash in the bank. Errmmm, I think it’s not even safe to keep our money in the bank for the bank might just collapse one of these days….. knock on wood!

Anyway the hubs and I would have to think of a plan on how to bring Alycia to and from school when she enters Primary One in a year’s time. It’s difficult to rely on the hubs’ car as he is always on the go or at his client’s place. I guess I will have to find someone whom I can trust and pay him/her a car allowance to chauffeur Alycia to school. That’s still way economical than buying and maintaining a car.

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