Another Electronic Toothbrush For Alycia And Sherilyn

After lunch 2 Sundays ago, daddy brought Aly and Sher to Guardian Pharmacy after dropping me and Baby C back home as Baby C was fussing and wanted her nap. I had asked him to get the gals Pureen Colostrum tabs and probiotics for Baby C.  Daddy also took the opportunity to buy Aly and Sher each an Oral B electronic toothbrush, something which he had longed wanted to buy them but I had been stopping him coz it’s freaking expensive at RM99.90 each! Last year he got Aly and Sher each a Colgate electronic toothbrush which cost around RM30 but  they were spoilt after just a couple of months coz  they and also the maid didn’t know how to take care of the toothbrush.  One time, my former maid immersed the electronic toothbrush into a cup of water!   Daddy said the Oral B electronic toothbrush is good as the toothbrush head is replaceable…. and so Oral B electronic toothbrush it was that he bought the gals.  When he came back, my mil and I were nagging him coz those 2 gadgets were freaking expensive and I personally feel that kids don’t need to use such expensive toothbrush.  At RM99.90 each, the same amount of money can be used to buy more than 20 regular toothbrushes… which could last them for years!  Next time I better follow daddy whenever he brings Aly and Sher shopping!

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8 thoughts on “Another Electronic Toothbrush For Alycia And Sherilyn

  1. MY TWINS ALSo had these electric toothbrushes (their aunt bought for them from UK). I personally thing this is not necessary..they should be brushing with their own effort thought by the school dentists and not rely on the electronic gadget. Anyway after sometime the “toy” just lying around with cobwebs..and also chnaging batteries is not cheap, too.

  2. Alamak. We r also using the Colgate electronic one. But sometimes, we also use the el cheapo ones. The electronic ones are good cuz you know then that you’re definitely getting the dirt out where as the manual ones, you may miss some dirt. That’s what my dentist said.

  3. Heheh..I remember you blogged about some Tesco ones? Guess Daddy just couldn’t resist. Sometimes, I wonder..who really wants it..Dad or kids.


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