Baby C Wants New Toys All The Time!

I can hardly have my meals in peace since Baby C turned 3 months old as she wants to be carried ALL the time.  My mistake…. I’ve carried her too much from the beginning.  In fact, everyone in the family is spoiling her because no one can bear to hear her cry.  The moment she fusses, she will be picked up.  How to yan sum to hear her cry when she is so prone to getting UTIs and always has to endure so much pain right?   Anyway, we’ve placed the playpen next to the dining table and during meal times, I will dump her inside the cage and she just hates it coz it’s hot inside, so hot that when she’s removed from the playpen, her head will be all sweaty, though the fan is turned to no. 3 speed. 

One way of keeping her quiet inside the playpen is to give her new toys and new teething rings every few days.   I have to constantly dig up Aly and Sher’s old toys from the storeroom until I’ve now run out of new old toys.  So I asked daddy to get her a new teething ring, which daddy did last week.

Daddy got her a set of 2 teething rings – one water-filled, the other gel-filled snail shaped teething ring.

She was really excited when she first saw the teething ring and for a whole half an hour, she stayed inside her crib without making any noice but just chewed on the teething rings.

The new teething rings managed to keep her amused only for 2 days after which, she did not even want to touch them anymore 🙁

And so 2 days ago, I gave her something else to keep her occupied. Stay tuned to find out what I gave her. Today is the 3rd day and she’s still fascinated by this item.

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14 thoughts on “Baby C Wants New Toys All The Time!

  1. With Elyssa, I also have to keep on rotating her “toys”. Her current favourite is actually a diaper!

    I’m interested to see what is the item that can keep baby C occupied for 3 days. Looking forward to your next post 🙂

  2. keep the old toy n then give her later on rotation..hope it works..

    she is sooo cute n adorable…sooo geram when i see her even in photo..imagine if i see her face to face…

  3. Better don’t let her play those plastic toys or make with matel with colouring those, as now she like to bite and chew. Baby C is better 1 new toy can last for few days…some not even a day..

  4. Aiyoh..Your baby girl so cute. Mine is a son and he is only 4.5 months old. Very cute too and getting to be pretty notty and demanding now. Catch up ya. I will need advice from time to time from other experienced mommies. Sometimes, I ended up like a `soh lo’ (Crazy man) because Ryan keeps on demanding attention. I really salute you. Trying to manage with only one is already a handful.

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