Mess-Free Crayola Finger Paints

The other day, Alycia went to the cupboard in the maid’s room used to place all their new stationeries, books and toys and dug out a cool mess-free fingerpaints that their koo mah or koo koo (can’t remember who bought it) bought it for them last year.

It’s really a neat activitiy as it’s mess-free and does not stain the table, clothes, skin or anything, except that it’s pretty oily on the fingers…. but it’s non-toxic though.

The paints that are colorless but….

…the minute the paint touches the paper of the coloring book, it turns into a color. It’s really cool and amuses the gals…

The gals think that it is magical coz something that’s colorless can turn into different colors when their little fingers touched different drawings in the book.

However, this activity needs to be under adult supervision coz my 2 brats were so amused with the magical paints that they kept digging and digging on the paints with their fingers that within 10 mintues, more than half the paints were wiped off… and only 2 pages of the coloring book were colored and there are still over 20 pages in the book, which means that there would not be enough paints for the remaining pages. 

Has anyone seen this fingerpaints in our local bookstores?  This is bought  either by my sil in New Zealand, Saipan or HK.  I don’t think I’ve come across this fingerpaints here.

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16 thoughts on “Mess-Free Crayola Finger Paints

  1. wow…this stuff is so cool!! No lah, I’ve not seen this in the bookstores here. Sure get one for Sharlene if I see it around here.

    Btw, I’ve added ur blog in my blog list…hope it’s fine with you:)

  2. Is this the one where the colour appears only on special paper? The toys r us in singapore has it, i think the bigger toys r us in KL may have them too. If I am not mistaken, there is a stall outside Gymboree in Bangsar Villlage that carries the crayola range and they hav ethis wonder paper too.

  3. Hi Shireen, i saw this colouring thing at BV, 1st stall when u come up from the escalator. Opposite that electrical shop, since i was there tonight and want to buy some gift, i just check it out. 🙂

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