Washable Crayola Finger Paints

One of my sils bought a pack of Crayola finger paints for the gals about a year ago.  I had kept the paints away from the gals but during our move recently, Alycia saw the pack of paints, took them out and pleaded with me to let her play with them.  Since it’s the school holidays and they have been bored to the core being cooped up at home, I allowed them to play.

Alycia and Sherilyn loved playing with the finger paints. I cut up some potatoes and let them do potato printing but they were not that interested. They were more interested in soaking their hands with the paints as if they were hand lotion!

Whilst I left them alone with the painting, I bathed Baby C with the help of my maid. And guess what? Both my brats wanted to poo poo at the same time and their hands were all messed up with the paints. They went to the toilet themselves and suffice to say, I think you can imagine how messed up the new toilet was after that!

It was messy, really messy, especially for Sherilyn who had the paints on her face and clothes. Luckily the paints are washable. I don’t think I’ll let them play with them again soon, unless my mum is here to supervise them.

The end result? Total mess everywhere… which means more work for my maid and me. Oh well, having kids equals mess and dirty job all the time, isn’t it?

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Everyone Loves The X’mas Tree

2 weeks ago, hubby dug out our X’mas tree and spent hours decorating the tree up to the wee hours of the morning. He knows his 3 princesses  love the X’mas tree and he would do anything to make them happy. There is a story behind this X’mas tree…. a tree that cost him over a hundred thousand ringgit. It was partly because of this X’mas tree that his new MPV was stolen, right in front of our old house in broad daylight, 2 years ago.  His MPV was never found.  That’s how efficient our police are here!

Baby C loves the shining colorful baubles on the X’mas tree. Yesterday, she gave my mil and I a shock. I had put her in the crib that was placed next to the X’mas tree. I then hurriedly went to the kitchen to get a piece of cloth to wipe her crib. When my mil passed by the crib, she saw Baby C chewing on a red bauble. Oh gawd, I was horrified because the baubles were never cleaned before and she could have ingested the paint. I just hope she wouldn’t get another UTI coz anything that’s dirty has bacteria right? I am just paranoid of her chewing on anything that’s dirty coz that’s one way of the bacteria getting into her body.

Anyway, Sherilyn my ever mischevious brat broke yet another bauble yesterday. She would break a few baubles on the X’mas tree every year. Last year, she broke several baubles and also the star on top of the tree. Daddy had to buy a new star for the tree.

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What Can Keep Babies Amused

Apart from a couple of teething rings, I have not bought any toys for Baby C for I know she will surely lose interest in her toys in just hours. I’ve learnt my lesson after having 2 older gals. Amazingly, what amuses Baby C and also my 2 older gals when they were babies are things not meant for them, just about anything not meant for them from tissue papers to plastic bags, handphones, remote control, comb, hair brush, containers, etc. I am sure most babies are like that too. I guess this is human nature. The forbidden apple always looks tempting.

Baby C just loves combs. This is a comb that was given free to us when Baby C was hospitalized at Pantai Medical Centre 2 weeks ago. She’s been playing with this comb for more than a week and she still finds this comb amusing and tastes better than her teething rings!  I always have this comb next to me whenever I change her diaper or change her clothes as it is one of the things that can keep her entertained and still.

I don’t have to buy her expensive gel-filled or water-filled teething rings anymore. The ones that I had bought her recently are now all dumped aside. She likes free gifts more!

So who says free things are not good?  Even babies love them more than expensive toys.  Just another frugal living tip from me! 

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Tough Days Ahead For Me

… coz my mil will be going to Hong Kong and New Zealand for an indefinite period of time.  She will leave tomorrow.  So when she’s gone, I will have to ‘kee kee koo kee kee’ (take care of myself!)….. kau tim the cooking part myself.   Previously, I can rely on my former maid who is very independant and smart.  My current maid is hopeless in her cooking.  I just don’t know how I am going to cope when my mil’s gone.  Baby C is just too clingy to me and I am spending a lot of time everyday feeding her meds, feeding her meals, feeding her supplements (thrice a day), collecting her pee to send for tests, making trips to the hospital, coaching Alycia in her reading and Math and I wish I still had more time to spend with Alycia and Sherilyn.  They have been so neglected by me as most of my time has been spent caring for my high-needs and high-maintenance Baby C.  

Sigh….. I guess I will have to cook very simple dishes everyday… mostly steamed and microwaved dishes.  Less time for blogging and sacrifice some sleep too.

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How To Keep Baby C Still During Bath Times

Baby C loves splashing in the bath tub but she just HATES having her hair washed. I have no idea why. How can she hate it coz I love having my hair washed and I wash my hair twice a day! Baby C would scream, struggle, pinch and push my breast whenever her hair is being washed…which makes me scream too coz it’s freaking painful having my breasts pinched and pushed forcefully!

And that’s how I keep her still when I wash her hair :

I put in some bath time toys in her tub and have her hold the toys when I wash her hair.

The bath foam can stick to her bathtub or on the bathroom tiles. It’s a fantastic way to teach her the alphabet and colors… though she keeps chewing on them!

BTW, Baby C’s fever has subsided today.  She’s back to normal now.  Check out my health blog to read her updates.

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Organic Soap

When hubby stepped out of the bathroom the other day, he smelled different. He didn’t smell of any of the body shampoos that were in our bathroom. I was too busy to find out from him why he smelled different. Later when I went inside the bathroom, I saw this :

For a moment, I didn’t know what this piece of wierd looking block is.  Upon taking a closer look, I realized that it’s a piece of soap with flowers and grass inside. 

Hubby had bought this bar of soap from the organic shop.  It smells really pleasant and cost RM5+ a bar.  I actually love the smell of it and  don’t mind buying it again.

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Will God Be Angry With You Mummy?

Sherilyn my #2 is always up to tricks, antics and patience-testing habits that drive me nuts.  From young, she would take forever to finish her meals.    At every meal, she would SURELY spill water, milk or soup, drop her food everywhere on the floor from the dining area to the living room as she will climb up and down her chair, climb and walk from one chair to another,  run up and down the house, remove her bib and fling it about, thereby dropping the food on the bib bowl onto the floor, change her clothes as she will wet it and previously she would even puke every other day during her meals…. until I nicknamed her Miss Pukey.  Yesterday, she spilled a full glass of milk with Nestum and Milo on the dining table.  Later, she spilled water and at night, she spilled tea!

Last night, Sherilyn took 2.5 hours to finish off her dinner consisting of a bowl of rice with pork ribs and veggie. She was practically storing the food in her mouth and wouldn’t chew it and she wouldn’t sit still too.  She was also spilling her soup and dropping food on the floor.   I got so pissed off with her that I threatened her. I told her that if she continued to spill her water, soup and drop food everywhere on the floor, I will make her sit on a stool in the bathroom, lock her in the bathroom and make her eat in the bathroom. This way, I don’t have to clean up her mess on the floor.  My mil added that she will also lock her in the storeroom.

When Alycia heard me saying this, she asked “mummy, will God be angry with you for saying this to Kay Yi?” My mil and I were stunnned with her question. For a moment, I didn’t know how to answer her. After pondering for a while, I said “No, God will not be angry with me as I am only disciplining your sister who is very disobedient and naughty”.  I hope I gave her a satisfactory answer but I also wondered if God would be angry with me for saying such things and even nastier things to my own daughter when I am burning with anger! 

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A Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse Gift For Alycia’s 5th Birthday Perhaps

Our photo albums are now placed in a built-in cabinet in the living room of our new home. These albums were once placed high up in a cabinet in the maid’s room at our old home and we hardly ever took them out to see. That’s the reason why my 2 brats have not even seen our wedding album until recently. Now that the photo albums are within easy reach, my 2 brats have been taking them out to look at everyday. They especially love looking at their own baby photo albums. I too can’t resist but look at their baby photo albums and each time I see the photos of their birth, I just can’t believe how fast time has flew. In just a week’s time, my precious baby, the baby whom I had yearned for, for many years before I got her will turn 5 years old.

I was just telling hubby on our way back from the hospital a moment ago that our precious Alycia has grown so fast. I have been reminding my ever busy hubby to plan something to celebrate Alycia’s 5th birthday. As for me, I can’t rely on hubby to bring me shopping for a birthday gift for Alycia. I should just shop for the gift online which is so convenient and easy. I’ve just seen a mickey mouse figurine at megabrands.com and I know Alycia will love it. Alycia and Sherilyn are crazy over the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon and have been singing the jingle all the time. Hey, if you are looking for great gifts for that special kid in your life, you really should check out the amazing MEGA Brands toys.

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Singapore Layer Cake

A visiting friend from Singapore came 2 days ago and gave us a layer cake, supposedly the most popular and tastiest in Singapore. The layer cake comes with prunes wedged in the middle and on top of the cake.

We were told that this small piece of layer cake costs over RM100!

So how did it taste? Well, not too sweet and not too rich that it will make one feel ‘jai’ very fast. I actually like it and have been eating it everyday. That’s the reason why I had to workout doubly hard at the gym today… and tomorrow too, to burn off those extra calories gained from gorging on this darn tasty layer cake!

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Swimming Craze

Alycia and Sherilyn have been spending much of their time in their bedroom or my bedroom or at the kitchen looking down at the pool, envying other kids swimming in the pool. So far, daddy had only brought them swimming in the pool once.  We have been very busy with unpacking our things and don’t have much time to spend with them.

Today daddy was supposed to have brought them swimming but again, something cropped up and the plan was thwarted again.

Alycia taking a peep of kids swimming in the pool at the window of my bedroom, just before she went for her ballet class.

I am really eager to send my kids for swimming lessons as swimming is a must, it is a survival skill. However, the only classes conducted at our condo are during the afternoons between 3-5pm and mostly catered for Japanese kids. We’ll see how it goes. Daddy says he will teach his angels swimming but aargh, he always says only but is always busy. I can’t wait for Baby C to grow up so that I can bring her swimming and teach all my 3 gals swimming myself. I am no good swimmer but at least I have a Bronze Medallion (a life-saving test) and had participated in swimming competitions during my school days.

On a side note, how would you feel if you had accidentally cut your own baby’s flesh? I have a confession to make. Check out my health blog to read.

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My 2 Little Helpers + 1 Big Helper

…and I am talking about my 2 brats and hubby who helped me unpack my things. Last night, my 2 brats stayed up to way past 12am helping daddy unpack my things. As I sat blogging on my PC, daddy asked each of them to check with me which document or things I still wanted and which I could discard. They had lots of fun tearing up my old documents and throwing my unwanted collectibles.

Alycia and Sherilyn helping daddy tear up all my old and unwanted documents.

Alycia wearing my old name/security card to my office.  For the first time, my 2 brats saw my wedding album and they were so amused to see daddy and mummy all dressed up. Sherilyn was asking tons of questions pertaining to the studio photos…. asking us why daddy and mummy made this and that pose, why daddy lay down on the floor and put his head on mummy’s lap, why mummy wore a gown, etc. etc…

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Get Yourself Some Stylish Holiday Frames At Rock Bottom Prices

It’s the holiday season again. I am sure you must have been busy shopping for clothes and other accessories to wear for the holidays and for those holiday parties. If you are looking for some stylish yet cheap eyeglasses, be sure to check out the Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical. The popular online eyeglasses shop carries a wide selection of very stylish eyeglasses and holiday frames. They are so cheap you would not believe your eyes. Tell me what you can buy with $8 these days? At Zenni Optical, you can even get yourself an $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses! Quick head over to Zenni Optical now!

That’s my favorite pair of eyeglasses from Zenni Optical – a purple color frame with rimless, pure titanium frame and sparkling crystals on the design temples.

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More Antics From Sherilyn

These pix of Sherilyn were taken about 3 weeks ago, when we were still at our old home. I was busy packing my things for the move when Sherilyn who was bored to the core grabbed a singled fitted bedsheet and draped it over her head. She then walked round the house and sang the Bridal March and pretended to be a bride. I burst out laughing coz I  remembered that she must have copied all these from the TV.  We had watched a documentary on brides quite some time ago. My little missy is such a vain pot. She loves TV programs on modelling, hair styling, brides and vanity whilst Alycia loves programs on cooking, thriller and the Amazing Race. Such different characters my 2 gals have.

Notice her left fingers?  She wore 2 Minnie Mouse hair bands on her fingers and said that those were her rings!

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I Unearthed My Precious Collectibles Collected Over 20 Years Ago

Yesterday, Alycia and Sherilyn stayed up to way past 12am helping daddy unpack our boxes of things. Most of the things were mine and some belonged to my 3 sisters in law. Hubby is really fastidious when it comes to neatness and is a stickler for being spick and span. Sometimes he can be a pain in my neck when he keeps arranging my things and throwing them too without informing me first. I can’t blame him as he was trained to be one, being in the hotel and catering and food industry most of his life. Nonetheless, I am thankful that I don’t have to unpack much this time as hubby has been helping me with it. Last night as he unpacked the boxes, I was surprised to see many of my old collectibles and memorabilia. There were cute stickers, cartoon papers, collectible dolls, musical boxes, old coins from many different countries, cute pencils, figurines, new Disney bags, Disney pins and much more.  Some of these collectibles have been with me for over 20 years! Though we don’t have much space to store our things, I made sure that hubby didn’t throw my precious collectibles away.

I am sure if I were to sell them, there would be interested buyers. Hey, if you are interested in collectibles and memorabilia just like me, you should check out the collectibles and memorabilia buying guide at shopwiki.com. You can read a wealth of information from this website.

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Baby C On Solids…. And Her Weight Dropped Further

I started Baby C on solids about a week ago. Her first ever taste of solids was some organic ground brown rice for babies that my sil bought from Hong Kong. I mixed it with some lotus root soup and she loved it.

Baby C smiling away after tasting her first spoonful of rice cereal as she was being carried by daddy.

However, after the most recent UTI attack and 3 days of antibiotics drips through IV line, her appetite reduced drastically. After the IV line was removed prematurely on Monday night and she had to be fed oral antibiotics (Zinnat), which made her puke each time she was forced fed with the meds, she now has a phobia of eating or drinking anything from a spoon or a syringe except my milkie which is direct from my boops! I was really devastated when the nurse weighed her yesterday and her weight had dropped 200gms…. to a mere 6.72kg!   She’s already slightly below average in weight and with the recent hospitalization, her weight plummeted further. I am just terribly worried. Hopefully she will regain her appetite, eat more and put on some weight very soon.

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Monkeying Baby C

Alycia who adores Baby C loves to monkey her around by putting caps, hats, toy sunglasses and other silly items on her baby sister. Here, she put a Minnie Mouse cap on baby and insisted that I snapped a picture of them together.

We spent more than 6 hours at SJMC today. First we brought Baby C to see our pediatric nephrologist, then we brought her for an ultrasound scan of her kidneys and then we consulted the pediatric surgeon. Total bill came up to over RM350. I shall update Baby C’s kidney reflux in my health blog, so stay tuned…

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