Packing, Moving And Blog Break…

Hubby gave me a shock when he told me a moment ago that TM will cancel my Streamyx connection today to facilitate the transfer of line to our new condo. He told me yesterday that he will only do the transfer later this week but now it’s today! Luckily I don’t have any outstanding offers to dish out for advertisers. Haiz….. I will definitely have withdrawal syndromes without the computer!

I don’t know how long it will take for the Streamyx to be up again at my new place. They said it will take 3 days but as usual, it will definitely take longer than 3 days… I can guarantee that, as sure as the sun rises in the east.   I hope it’s not going to be more than a week like what happened recently where I had to wait for 8 days and called them every hour of the day to breathe down their lazy necks …. knowing how inefficient TM is.

Oh yes, please DO MISS my blog k? *wink*

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Baby C Can Remove Her Own Pants!

Several nights ago, after I had put on jammies on Baby C (long pants and short sleeved top with holes coz she sweats super easily even in an air cond room), I put her in her crib. I then went to the toilet. About 2 mintues later when I came out from the toilet, I saw Baby C’s long pants on her crib. This cheeky baby had apparently removed the pants herself! I thought the pants was a tad loose coz it was rather an old one (hand-me-down from Alycia and Sherilyn!), so I removed the old pants from the crib and put on a new long pants on her.

The next morning when I came back from jogging and heard her voice downstairs from the baby monitor, I went upstairs and saw her standing in her crib, looking at daddy who was sleeping on the bed next to her crib and guess what? Baby C had removed her pants herself again! She is just so cheeky and she reminds me of Alycia and Sherilyn when they were about Baby C’s age. They too found it very amusing to remove their own pants and top!

Does your baby like to remove his/her own pants or top too?

Caught with her pants down…. Baby C with a guilty yet smug look on her face.

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I Need A Pedal Exerciser To Help Me Burn Some Extra Calories

It’s really frustrating for me as I weigh myself on the bathroom scale each morning. Despite me exercising everyday, the red needle just ain’t moving to the left. I am really tempted to buy a pedal exerciser so that I can exercise even when I am seated in front of my computer. The rotor Magneciser pedal exerciser is the perfect alternative to traditional stationary bikes. Whilst it helps burn off calories, it also helps to improve circulation, muscle strength, joint range-of-motion and coordination for the entire body. It is small, portable and lightweight and can even be placed under my computer table! I can move my legs even as I work on my computer.

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