Cassandra @ 7 Months Old

Baby C turned 7 months old on 9 November 2008. She started to cruise 1.5 weeks ago by holding on to the crib railing or the sides of the playpen. I think she will most likely start to walk at 8 months. She has not been able to crawl much lately as we have been very busy packing, moving and now unpacking. It’s really frustrating for her to be confined in her playpen aka her cage but that’s the safest for her as our things are scattered everywhere in the condo and no one is free to watch her crawl.

For the past few days, Baby C discovered that she can remove her diapers when she pulls the side tapes on her diaper. She’s exactly like both her cheh chehs when they were her age as they also found it very amusing to remove diapers.

Yesterday I started feeding her with her first solid. I gave her organic brown rice with some lotus root and lotus root seeds soup. She loved it but I only fed her with 1 tablespoon.
Baby C is still purging but she’s still very active. Both her doctors advised us not to feed her with any medication to stop the purging. It’s best to let her purge all the toxins out of her body. I’ve been feeding her with oral rehydration salt.

Weight wise, I am a tad worried that her weight is not moving much and is just hovering at 6.75kg. But my doctors ain’t too alarmed and said “ok what, you want her to be obese? You are also small size right?” But I still hope she’s a little chubbier and heavier. I am really tempted to supplement her feeding with some formula milk powder.

Sorry, am not able to upload any pix of Baby C as the darn 3G wireless internet is terribly slow and unstable. I could barely work and have lost several opps as a result of it. I would never rent it again.

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