Terrible Accident

Today something unimaginable happened to Baby C and me.  We met with an accident and I really thought that she would be seriously injured but praise the Lord we only suffered minor injuries.

Baby C had woken up very early today. So I strapped her into her new stroller and off we went down the condo to jog. As I went down a ramp, the wheels of the stroller went over a drain cover and the bump caused the wheels to stagger and I lost my balance and fell and because of the speed down the ramp, the stroller somersaulted and I was absolutely horrified, terrified, aghast, whatever you call it to see the stroller with my baby inside lunged forward and she landed face down on the hard tar road! I thought Baby C would be crushed by the entire stroller… the heavy Peg Perego stroller.

I quickly picked myself up and quickly pulled the stroller up and saw blood on Baby C’s nose. I was horrified. I hugged her and comforted her profusely and she was terribly traumatized and cried till she couldn’t breathe. I summoned the help of one of the security guards at the guard house to help me bring the stroller up to my unit. I was quite calm but Baby C was yelling away.  Had it not been the safety belts of the new Peg Perego stroller, the type that goes round both her hands, she could have been more seriously injured. Thank God my hubby gave the old stroller away…. coz the stroller has a missing front barrier and the safety belt is not as safe as the Peg Perego belt.

Long story cut short, Baby C was really traumatized by the accident and even refused to latch on my teat teats when I brought her home.  She refused anyone to touch her nose.  Hubby was worried that there may be internal injuries to her nose.  But my instinct told me that she’s A-ok.  True, after an hour nap, she woke up smiling again.  However, she still didn’t allow anyone to touch her grazed nose.  It hurts my heart deeply to see her having a red nose and a bruised forehead.  She really looks like a battered baby. 

As for me, there is quite a deep gash on my right elbow, my left middle finger hurts like hell as it was bent and traumatized during the fall and my left leg is swollen.   But once again, I thank God that both of us were spared from serious injuries.  Today is really one of the worst days of my life…. a nightmare that became a reality!

Pictures of Baby C and me to come later.  My darn 3G wireless internet is farking slow and driving me nuts!

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