Kids Sleep The Darnest Ways

Sherilyn, my little Miss Whiny has been whining lots lately. She whines over every little thing. Not only does she whines, she scolds everyone in the house too. I am finding it really hard to discipline her lately. The other day, she was whining and fussing and refused to take her shower after lunch. After a battle with her, she finally took her shower, albeit crying away throughout the shower. After she got dressed up, she got so tired and sleepy with the whining and crying that she lay on the floor and fell asleep, with her head resting on the mattress…. and her head kept slipping down the floor!

Miss Whiny with her hair still dripping wet and uncombed, fell asleep on the floor.

I then woke her up, quickly blew dry her hair, fixed her a bottle of milk with Milo (her favorite) and put her to nap on her bed.

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My Saturday

I was jolted up from my beauty sleep at 5am today by the beeping of my mobile phone. There was an SMS from my blogging pal. She had alerted me that there were opps from an advertising network. I quickly turned on my PC and was pleasantly surprised that someone had already helped me reserve the opps. Since I had a few assignments to dish out for the advertisers, I started to work on my PC. Within an hour, I dished out 5 opps. My mind could function really well and my train of thoughts was not disrupted without my 3 brats disturbing me.

After working on my PC, I changed Baby C’s diaper and nursed her. When I put her back to sleep, she was instead wide awake. My plan to go jogging was again thwarted. So I stayed home and exercised on my fitball. Shortly after, Alycia and Sherilyn woke up. I quickly fixed them milk, made them eat their eggs, made them some fresh orange juice and off we went to the hospital. Baby C has to be given her morning dose of antibiotics through the IV line by 10am.

When I came back from the hospital, I dedicated my entire afternoon unpacking my things. I have several huge boxes of things sitting at the living room and kitchen floor and they were such an eyesore blocking the nice view of our condo. I threw many of my old things as there isn’t enough space to keep them. While I threw many old things, including the old dustbins from our old house, I need to get some new bins for our house, particularly the kitchen. Some stylish one-touch mechanism lid brabantia bins from Move Cookshop would blend in really well with our kitchen. I also need to get a new mirror for my room, an Infinite Circulon non-stick roaster with rack for our new oven and a few other items for my room. It looks like there’s some more shopping to be done for our new home.

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