Almost The Whole Day Spent At The Hospital

I spent almost the whole day at the hospital with Baby C and my maid today.  We reached the hospital at 10am for the antibiotics drip.  We were told by the doctor to collect baby’s pee for another urine culture to see if the WBCs have dropped.  That’s because no sensitivity test has been done on  the alternative (safer) antibiotics used to treat baby.  If the WBCs drop, it means that the Proteus bacteria is sensitive to the antibiotics.  If not, baby would have to be given the antibiotics that’s known to cause some adverse side effects, if given on a prolonged basis.  I was worried sick for 2 days.  The initial urine test today showed that the WBCs have dropped from 860 to 6… thank God!

I had to place baby on my lap throughout the drips coz the moment she was placed on the crib, she bawled.

Collecting baby’s pee was extremely difficult today coz baby was very traumatized.  She can now remember the hospital and the nurses. The minute she’s brought to her room or sees the nurses, she would start crying.  Consequently, she didn’t cooperate when it came to collecting her pee.  4 urine bags were used as the stupid bags kept coming off, despite having plasters stuck to her skin.  My maid and I then used the ‘carry and collect pee’ method but was unsuccessful as she kept struggling and crying.    We spent more than 2 hours to collect the urine… two times as the first specimen wasn’t enough.

Check out my health blog to view more pix of baby on drips taken yesterday.

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