Holiday Party

Today is only the second day of the long school holidays and my 2 older brats are already starting to get restless. I have been busy spending my days in the hospital with Baby C for the past 5 days and have not been spending much time with my 2 older brats. I am glad Baby C was discharged from the hospital today and we don’t have to make two trips to the hospital everyday for the antibiotics drips. I really feel sorry and bad that my 2 older gals have been neglected. Luckily my mil is around to entertain them but like me, my mil is also extremely busy unpacking her things and cooking for us and can’t do many activities with her 2 grand daughters.

I just can’t wait for all of us to be settled at our new place and have a neat, spick and span home. Things are still scattered at every nook and corner now. When our new home is neatly arranged, we may throw a housewarming party. Alycia’s birthday is also just round the corner, after which it will be Christmas. So our party may just be an all-in-one Holiday Party at the poolside! I am lucky I don’t have to plan the party because my hubby will take charge of everything, being the professional caterer that he is. Otherwise, I think I will need to go to websites like to get some party ideas.

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