Baby C On Solids…. And Her Weight Dropped Further

I started Baby C on solids about a week ago. Her first ever taste of solids was some organic ground brown rice for babies that my sil bought from Hong Kong. I mixed it with some lotus root soup and she loved it.

Baby C smiling away after tasting her first spoonful of rice cereal as she was being carried by daddy.

However, after the most recent UTI attack and 3 days of antibiotics drips through IV line, her appetite reduced drastically. After the IV line was removed prematurely on Monday night and she had to be fed oral antibiotics (Zinnat), which made her puke each time she was forced fed with the meds, she now has a phobia of eating or drinking anything from a spoon or a syringe except my milkie which is direct from my boops! I was really devastated when the nurse weighed her yesterday and her weight had dropped 200gms…. to a mere 6.72kg!   She’s already slightly below average in weight and with the recent hospitalization, her weight plummeted further. I am just terribly worried. Hopefully she will regain her appetite, eat more and put on some weight very soon.

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