More Antics From Sherilyn

These pix of Sherilyn were taken about 3 weeks ago, when we were still at our old home. I was busy packing my things for the move when Sherilyn who was bored to the core grabbed a singled fitted bedsheet and draped it over her head. She then walked round the house and sang the Bridal March and pretended to be a bride. I burst out laughing coz I  remembered that she must have copied all these from the TV.  We had watched a documentary on brides quite some time ago. My little missy is such a vain pot. She loves TV programs on modelling, hair styling, brides and vanity whilst Alycia loves programs on cooking, thriller and the Amazing Race. Such different characters my 2 gals have.

Notice her left fingers?  She wore 2 Minnie Mouse hair bands on her fingers and said that those were her rings!

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I Unearthed My Precious Collectibles Collected Over 20 Years Ago

Yesterday, Alycia and Sherilyn stayed up to way past 12am helping daddy unpack our boxes of things. Most of the things were mine and some belonged to my 3 sisters in law. Hubby is really fastidious when it comes to neatness and is a stickler for being spick and span. Sometimes he can be a pain in my neck when he keeps arranging my things and throwing them too without informing me first. I can’t blame him as he was trained to be one, being in the hotel and catering and food industry most of his life. Nonetheless, I am thankful that I don’t have to unpack much this time as hubby has been helping me with it. Last night as he unpacked the boxes, I was surprised to see many of my old collectibles and memorabilia. There were cute stickers, cartoon papers, collectible dolls, musical boxes, old coins from many different countries, cute pencils, figurines, new Disney bags, Disney pins and much more.  Some of these collectibles have been with me for over 20 years! Though we don’t have much space to store our things, I made sure that hubby didn’t throw my precious collectibles away.

I am sure if I were to sell them, there would be interested buyers. Hey, if you are interested in collectibles and memorabilia just like me, you should check out the collectibles and memorabilia buying guide at You can read a wealth of information from this website.

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