My 2 Little Helpers + 1 Big Helper

…and I am talking about my 2 brats and hubby who helped me unpack my things. Last night, my 2 brats stayed up to way past 12am helping daddy unpack my things. As I sat blogging on my PC, daddy asked each of them to check with me which document or things I still wanted and which I could discard. They had lots of fun tearing up my old documents and throwing my unwanted collectibles.

Alycia and Sherilyn helping daddy tear up all my old and unwanted documents.

Alycia wearing my old name/security card to my office.  For the first time, my 2 brats saw my wedding album and they were so amused to see daddy and mummy all dressed up. Sherilyn was asking tons of questions pertaining to the studio photos…. asking us why daddy and mummy made this and that pose, why daddy lay down on the floor and put his head on mummy’s lap, why mummy wore a gown, etc. etc…

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Get Yourself Some Stylish Holiday Frames At Rock Bottom Prices

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That’s my favorite pair of eyeglasses from Zenni Optical – a purple color frame with rimless, pure titanium frame and sparkling crystals on the design temples.

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