Will God Be Angry With You Mummy?

Sherilyn my #2 is always up to tricks, antics and patience-testing habits that drive me nuts.  From young, she would take forever to finish her meals.    At every meal, she would SURELY spill water, milk or soup, drop her food everywhere on the floor from the dining area to the living room as she will climb up and down her chair, climb and walk from one chair to another,  run up and down the house, remove her bib and fling it about, thereby dropping the food on the bib bowl onto the floor, change her clothes as she will wet it and previously she would even puke every other day during her meals…. until I nicknamed her Miss Pukey.  Yesterday, she spilled a full glass of milk with Nestum and Milo on the dining table.  Later, she spilled water and at night, she spilled tea!

Last night, Sherilyn took 2.5 hours to finish off her dinner consisting of a bowl of rice with pork ribs and veggie. She was practically storing the food in her mouth and wouldn’t chew it and she wouldn’t sit still too.  She was also spilling her soup and dropping food on the floor.   I got so pissed off with her that I threatened her. I told her that if she continued to spill her water, soup and drop food everywhere on the floor, I will make her sit on a stool in the bathroom, lock her in the bathroom and make her eat in the bathroom. This way, I don’t have to clean up her mess on the floor.  My mil added that she will also lock her in the storeroom.

When Alycia heard me saying this, she asked “mummy, will God be angry with you for saying this to Kay Yi?” My mil and I were stunnned with her question. For a moment, I didn’t know how to answer her. After pondering for a while, I said “No, God will not be angry with me as I am only disciplining your sister who is very disobedient and naughty”.  I hope I gave her a satisfactory answer but I also wondered if God would be angry with me for saying such things and even nastier things to my own daughter when I am burning with anger! 

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A Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse Gift For Alycia’s 5th Birthday Perhaps

Our photo albums are now placed in a built-in cabinet in the living room of our new home. These albums were once placed high up in a cabinet in the maid’s room at our old home and we hardly ever took them out to see. That’s the reason why my 2 brats have not even seen our wedding album until recently. Now that the photo albums are within easy reach, my 2 brats have been taking them out to look at everyday. They especially love looking at their own baby photo albums. I too can’t resist but look at their baby photo albums and each time I see the photos of their birth, I just can’t believe how fast time has flew. In just a week’s time, my precious baby, the baby whom I had yearned for, for many years before I got her will turn 5 years old.

I was just telling hubby on our way back from the hospital a moment ago that our precious Alycia has grown so fast. I have been reminding my ever busy hubby to plan something to celebrate Alycia’s 5th birthday. As for me, I can’t rely on hubby to bring me shopping for a birthday gift for Alycia. I should just shop for the gift online which is so convenient and easy. I’ve just seen a mickey mouse figurine at megabrands.com and I know Alycia will love it. Alycia and Sherilyn are crazy over the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon and have been singing the jingle all the time. Hey, if you are looking for great gifts for that special kid in your life, you really should check out the amazing MEGA Brands toys.

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