Tough Days Ahead For Me

… coz my mil will be going to Hong Kong and New Zealand for an indefinite period of time.  She will leave tomorrow.  So when she’s gone, I will have to ‘kee kee koo kee kee’ (take care of myself!)….. kau tim the cooking part myself.   Previously, I can rely on my former maid who is very independant and smart.  My current maid is hopeless in her cooking.  I just don’t know how I am going to cope when my mil’s gone.  Baby C is just too clingy to me and I am spending a lot of time everyday feeding her meds, feeding her meals, feeding her supplements (thrice a day), collecting her pee to send for tests, making trips to the hospital, coaching Alycia in her reading and Math and I wish I still had more time to spend with Alycia and Sherilyn.  They have been so neglected by me as most of my time has been spent caring for my high-needs and high-maintenance Baby C.  

Sigh….. I guess I will have to cook very simple dishes everyday… mostly steamed and microwaved dishes.  Less time for blogging and sacrifice some sleep too.

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How To Keep Baby C Still During Bath Times

Baby C loves splashing in the bath tub but she just HATES having her hair washed. I have no idea why. How can she hate it coz I love having my hair washed and I wash my hair twice a day! Baby C would scream, struggle, pinch and push my breast whenever her hair is being washed…which makes me scream too coz it’s freaking painful having my breasts pinched and pushed forcefully!

And that’s how I keep her still when I wash her hair :

I put in some bath time toys in her tub and have her hold the toys when I wash her hair.

The bath foam can stick to her bathtub or on the bathroom tiles. It’s a fantastic way to teach her the alphabet and colors… though she keeps chewing on them!

BTW, Baby C’s fever has subsided today.  She’s back to normal now.  Check out my health blog to read her updates.

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