Everyone Loves The X’mas Tree

2 weeks ago, hubby dug out our X’mas tree and spent hours decorating the tree up to the wee hours of the morning. He knows his 3 princesses  love the X’mas tree and he would do anything to make them happy. There is a story behind this X’mas tree…. a tree that cost him over a hundred thousand ringgit. It was partly because of this X’mas tree that his new MPV was stolen, right in front of our old house in broad daylight, 2 years ago.  His MPV was never found.  That’s how efficient our police are here!

Baby C loves the shining colorful baubles on the X’mas tree. Yesterday, she gave my mil and I a shock. I had put her in the crib that was placed next to the X’mas tree. I then hurriedly went to the kitchen to get a piece of cloth to wipe her crib. When my mil passed by the crib, she saw Baby C chewing on a red bauble. Oh gawd, I was horrified because the baubles were never cleaned before and she could have ingested the paint. I just hope she wouldn’t get another UTI coz anything that’s dirty has bacteria right? I am just paranoid of her chewing on anything that’s dirty coz that’s one way of the bacteria getting into her body.

Anyway, Sherilyn my ever mischevious brat broke yet another bauble yesterday. She would break a few baubles on the X’mas tree every year. Last year, she broke several baubles and also the star on top of the tree. Daddy had to buy a new star for the tree.

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