Washable Crayola Finger Paints

One of my sils bought a pack of Crayola finger paints for the gals about a year ago.  I had kept the paints away from the gals but during our move recently, Alycia saw the pack of paints, took them out and pleaded with me to let her play with them.  Since it’s the school holidays and they have been bored to the core being cooped up at home, I allowed them to play.

Alycia and Sherilyn loved playing with the finger paints. I cut up some potatoes and let them do potato printing but they were not that interested. They were more interested in soaking their hands with the paints as if they were hand lotion!

Whilst I left them alone with the painting, I bathed Baby C with the help of my maid. And guess what? Both my brats wanted to poo poo at the same time and their hands were all messed up with the paints. They went to the toilet themselves and suffice to say, I think you can imagine how messed up the new toilet was after that!

It was messy, really messy, especially for Sherilyn who had the paints on her face and clothes. Luckily the paints are washable. I don’t think I’ll let them play with them again soon, unless my mum is here to supervise them.

The end result? Total mess everywhere… which means more work for my maid and me. Oh well, having kids equals mess and dirty job all the time, isn’t it?

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