Baby C’s Lunch Bag

Having a baby and a young toddler means having to bring lots of kar chang whenever we go out shopping or for trips.  I am sure many people must be talking behind my back about my huge bag each time I go out, whether to the church or for shopping coz I have to stuff inside the bag stuff of my 3 kids. I hate to go out carrying such a huge bag but what to do? Inside the bag are all my kids’ necessities from wet wipes to diapers, tissue papers, extra change of clothes, bibs, et al.

This is Baby C’s bag to put in her lunch/dinner box which consists of

… a green Tupperware brand lunch box to put in her bowl for her porridge, a small cup for her water, an Avent bottle for her water, a Thermos flask for her porridge, 2 spoons, a wet handkerchief and her Nutrifresh powder. So mah fun eh having to pack so many kar chang?  I can’t wait for my kids to grow up so that I can ditch the huge baby bag once and for all!

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Outing At Jungle Gym @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

On Saturday, I finally met up with Paik Ling and her family.  PL’s sil, Yi Yi is one of my oldest and dearest childhood friends.  We have known each other for more than 3 decades since our pre-school days at Adventist Playhouse in Ipoh, before we went to MGS, Ipoh.  PL and her parents are very warm and friendly folks. 

I really like the concept and layout of Jungle Gym. It is very safe as the guardian’s thumbprint would be scanned by a computer before they enter the playarea. The place is also very clean. You can read more about Jungle Gym at PL’s blog at the link provided above.

I had fun going down the long slides too. Daddy carried Baby C and went down the slide. I was so worried that fatty daddy would tumble down together with baby!

The food there is also not too bad. These are the kids’ meals:

Fish patties with mashed potatoes and mashed green peas.

Burger with mashed potatoes and mashed green peas.

My chicken chop.

Hubby and our maid had nasi lemak.

We will definitely go to Jungle Gym again. This place would be a perfect place for a bloggers’ meet. Perhaps we should have a bloggers’ meet one of these days at Jungle Gym. Any takers?

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New Fishing Set

Daddy got the gals two X’mas pressies each. One of the gifts is a fishing set for each of them.  After opening the fishing set on X’mas Eve, Alycia and Sherilyn played with the toy the whole afternoon on X’mas Day. Daddy even put the toy fish into a bucket of water for them to do fishing, like real!  But it was messy as water was splashed everywhere on the floor. After 2 days of fishing, the gals got bored with their new toy. I guess it’s time for me to ‘deep freeze’ the fish and keep them for a few months before bringing them out again, like new toys again.

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New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square, NYC

If you happen to be in New York City tomorrow, which is New Year’s Eve, you really have to attend the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square. It is a very memorable way to spend the New Year’s Eve in the Big Apple. This event is normally attended by over a million people in Times Square and watched by millions of Americans over TV and even more people watching it from all over the world. After the ball drops from One Times Square beginning at 11:59pm on New Year’s Eve, more than 1 ton of colorful confetti will be released over Times Square!

Since the Ball Drop event is absolutely free, revelers need to arrive in the early afternoon on December 31 to get a prime viewing spot. If you manage to get a good spot, be sure not to leave the spot to eat, use a bathroom or move for any other reason because if you do, you won’t be able to return to your spot since there will be scores of revelers eyeing on the prime viewing spots.

If you need Car Service NYC to bring you throughout New York City and the surrounding suburbs, be sure to get it from Go Airlink Shuttle. They provide affordable, on time and safe ground transportation services. I wish everyone a very happy new year!

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Everyone’s Got Pressies

Here are some of the pressies that Alycia and Sherilyn received :

Sherilyn my little vain pot received a Barbie vanity set from daddy consisting of a Barbie handphone with ring tones, bluetooth, lipstick, handphone pouch, handbag and a pair of kaik kok noisy clogs with fur lol!

Mah mah got Alycia a very colorful 3-piece bowl and mug set with pictures of dogs from Hong Kong, for her 5th birthday.

…and my loh koong jai got me a nice crystal bracelet!  

Someone asked me if Baby C received any Christmas gifts.  Yes, of course she did but I haven’t posted pix of them.  Will do so in my next post.

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Sherilyn And Her Affinity With Fairy Wings

Sherilyn my little vainpot who is really, really, very vain is obsessed with her pair of fairy wings that koo mah sent to her for X’mas from Hong Kong. She was wearing the pair of wings the entire day….. first to the church in the morning and to her koo poh’s house for a X’mas party in the evening. She even put her pair of fairy wings on her bed and I had a good laugh when I saw her putting the wings on the second she got up from her afternoon nap!

Ridiculous looking but terribly cute too eh?

Little vainpot getting ready to go to church in the morning.  Do note that she’s holding on to her new Barbie handbag and wearing her new Barbie clogs too!

Little Vain Pot getting ready to go to koo poh’s house for dinner.

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Our X’mas Eve

We had a simple dinner at home on X’mas Eve yesterday. After dinner, Alycia and Sherilyn watched TV with daddy and ate potato chips. At the stroke of midnight, the gals’ long awaited moment arrived. They charged the pressies under the X’mas tree right away…. when they saw those lovely gifts and toys, the joy on their faces was priceless.

Alycia and Sheirlyn each received a pair of pink fairy wings and fairy wand from koo mah all the way from Hong Kong. Sherilyn my little vain pot wore the fairy wings to church, complete with a new pair of pink Barbie clogs, Barbie handbag filled with lipstick, handphone and bluetooth. She looked really ridiculous yet angelic in the fairy wings.  I think she really looked like a fairy godmother with a magic wand and a handbag filled with magical items lol!  I shall post pix of Sherilyn in her fairy wings in my next post.

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What Is The Best Place To Invest Money?

After cashing out my money from Paypal last month, I was contemplating whether to deposit the money into a Fixed Deposit Account in a bank or to invest it in something safer and bears more profit. Ever since one of the largest banks in the U.S. collapsed recently, many people don’t feel secure keeping their money in banks anymore, including me. Many people now prefer to invest their money in more profitable and secure investments like properties or some Monex Precious Metals. I am inclined to do that too but I need to do more reading about investing in precious metals like gold or silver. What about you? Is your money still kept in a bank or have you invested it in something more profitable?

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Last Minute X’mas Shopping

We did our last minute X’mas shopping on Monday evening at Mid Valley Megamall. We left the house at around 6pm and only left Mid Valley at a little over 11pm. We had dinner at Canton I @ Gardens and the food was pretty good.  This restaurant was packed with patrons.  After shopping for the gifts, we waited for almost an hour at the Jaya Jusco gift wrapping counter as there was a long queue and there were only 2 assistants to service the shoppers. By the time we reached home, it was 11:30pm. After washing my 3 gals up, gave them milk, it was already way past midnight.

We realized that we left out a few people last night and hubby has now gone to Mid Valley again for an eleventh hour shopping rush. We will be having some lamb chops and pan-fried salmon fillet for dinner tonight. There will be a X’mas party at hubby’s aunt’s house tomorrow and there’s going to be lots of food and pressies for everyone.

I wish all my readers a very merry X’mas and don’t go on an eating binge this holiday k? Remember to exercise!

The open kitchen at Canton I.

Alycia and Sherilyn enjoying their food at Canton I.

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Alycia’s New Bicycle

Before Alycia’s birthday, Granny had promised her that she would buy her a bicycle. When we were back in Ipoh last week, koong koong and granny brought us to Giant to get her the bicycle. My folks spent almost an hour helping Alycia choose a bicycle.

Koong koong helping Alycia ride the bicycle. Initially, Alycia was afraid to get on the bicycle as she was afraid that she would fall. After getting some help and reassurance from koong koong, she gained some confidence and cycled round Giant, where the bicycles section is.
Notice Sherilyn folding her arms and looking sulky behind? That’s because she couldn’t get on the bicycle for a ride lol!

Alycia’s 5th birthday pressie – a bright red bicycle from granny.  Now, Sherilyn can have the old tricycle all to herself.

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Teaching Alycia Mathematics

Alycia is still having difficulty doing equations in her Math. She has not much problems doing single digit equations but when it comes to double digits, she’s quite lost. Last year, koo mah sent a pack of Math flash cards for Alycia from HK. I had kept it as I thought it was still a tad early to teach her. I recently found the stack of flashcards when I was unpacking my stuff during the move. I now try to teach her equations (still on addition) as often as I can.

I hope there will be an improvement in Alycia’s Math next year, otherwise I will send her for Kumon Math class.

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Goji Berries, Superfruit Of The Year

I was just telling my mum that tomorrow, I am going to throw in some dried goji berries or gei chee into Baby C’s porridge. Have you ever tried goji berries or goji juice? I had read that goji berries were recently named “superfruit of the year” by Time Magazine. Hey, if you have more information on goji berries, please do leave your comments in my blog! I’d love to know more about this tiny yet powerful fruit.

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Homemade Jam – A Labor Of Love From My Parents

Whenever we are back at my parents’ in Ipoh, my dad would never fail to whip up all my favorite dishes while my mum would bake cakes, bread, jam and much more.

When we were back in Ipoh last week, my dad made some peanut butter and pineapple jam.  My dad bought a large, sweet and fragrant pineapple and my mum joined hands to make the pineapple jam.

First my dad cut up the pineapple into cubes.  Then my mum blended the pineapple and put the pineapple paste into her Kenwood breadmaker.

The pineapple jam (reduced sugar) all ready inside the bread maker. Everyone loves this jam. Even Baby C who hates sweet stuff (she associates sweet stuff with her daily antibiotics) loves this jam.

My dad dry frying the peanuts in slow flame in the wok. He then painstakingly spent almost an hour removing the peanut skin under a papaya tree in our garden. Next, my mum blended the peanuts, added some groundnut oil and a dash of salt.

Labor of love – the yummilicous peanut butter and pineapple jam that my parents made for their daugther and granddaughters.

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Alycia My Miracle Baby

When I found out that I had conceived after going through just one cycle of IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination), I was ecstatic. At the same time, I also had a slight degree of doubt if the sperms injected into my uterus were indeed hubby’s! I know it sounds really silly but I couldn’t believe how lucky hubby and I were because on the day of the IUI procedure, our fertility specialist told us that the quality of hubby’s little swimmers was really poor. Also, there was another couple who did the IUI on the same day as us. I couldn’t stop wondering if the nurse had accidentally switched sperms coz they were kept in a specimen container and what if she had wrongly labelled the 2 containers?

I can never forget the gloom on our doctor’s face when he walked into the procedures room and let out a sigh and told me that only 3% of hubby’s little swimmers were good. I gave up hope instantly. I felt as if it was a double whammy because I had many problems myself and coupled with hubby’s poor little swimmers, what’s our chance of me getting pregnant? Nevertheless, I prayed fervently before, during and after the procedure.

Long story cut short, Alycia is my miracle child. From the start to the end, she’s a miracle baby. Now, I have no more doubt that she’s not made from hubby’s little swimmers because almost everyone who sees Alycia will comment that she looks exactly like hubby.

I had gone through a very difficult time trying to conceive. I had tried using the ovulation calendar, looked at cervical mucus, took Clomid, went through an Ovarian Drilling surgery and much more. None of these worked and that was what prompted me to go ahead with IUI. I am really thankful to God for helping me conceive Alycia and subsequently Sherilyn and Baby C. My 3 gals are indeed my 3 miracles from God.

On a side note, I just found out today that there is a fabric softener specially formulated for babies, children and those with sensitive skin. Comfort Pure fabric conditioner is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Just click on the link provided to find out more.

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Sherilyn And Her Need For Independence

Sherilyn my #2 always likes to be different from the rest. Lately, most of the time she will not eat anything that I give her unless she chooses them and takes them herself.  She wants to exercise her independence and freedom and does not want mummy to decide for her.  She even wants to exercise her own freedom to choose her own clothes and just about anything without me or anyone deciding for her! 

Last week when we were in Ipoh, she refused to eat her hardboiled egg for breakfast.  No amount of coaxing and bribes would make her eat her egg.  Instead, she wanted her egg to be different. This is how she wanted her hard boiled egg eaten :

…. crackers broken up into pieces and sprinkled on top of her egg … and then topped it up with lots of olive butter and some soya sauce. What a creation! But this managed to make my brat finish off the egg!

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