Sherilyn My Clumsy Pot

Not a day goes by without my #2 spilling water or food. Whether we’re at home or out dining, Sherilyn will surely create a boo boo, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Most of the time, it’s unintentional but the boo boo is normally caused by her mischief or clumsiness.

On the day that we were out with Paik Ling, my friend Yi Yi and their family at Jungle Gym, Sherilyn caused a boo boo at the restaurant. She spilled daddy’s entire glass of ice lemonade and daddy had to eat his nasi lemak with ice and lemonade on it!  Sher felt really embarrassed with her faux pas and for the next half an hour, didn’t speak a word or smile and looked so pathetic.  That was so unlike my social butterfly who is normally very chatty.

The other day, Sherilyn climbed up and down the chair during breakfast and what else? She spilled a cup of leong sui all over the floor.  I got so mad with her that I chided her and asked her to wipe the mess away herself, which she did, with some toilet papers.

Whenever Sher drinks anything sweet like Ribena or juices or anything oily like soup, I now have to stand next to her and make sure she gulps her drinks without spilling them. You know how troublesome it is to clean up sticky juices, you need to wipe the table or the floor at least 3 times to remove the stickness completely.  I wonder why she never learns her lessons and keeps repeating her mistakes, day after day.   Sometimes I am really tempted to make her eat her meals in the bathroom, so that I don’t have to clean up her mess if she spills her drinks or drops her food all over the floor!

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