Baby C Loves To Eat What We Eat

I guess most babies are like that too. Alycia and Sherilyn were like like that too when they were Baby C’s age.  Whenever Baby C sees us eating anything interesting, she will stare at us and move her mouth too, sometimes salivating and swallowing her saliva.

On X’mas Eve, daddy was eating potato chips on the floor. Baby C who was crawling on the floor saw the chips and gravitated towards daddy. She put her fingers into daddy’s mouth and wanted to pry open his mouth…..

… then attempted to grab the bag of chips….

….and finally put her hand into the bag and managed to fish out some chips …… but that didn’t go into her mouth of course.

It’s the same when she sees her 2 cheh chehs drinking milk from the bottle.  She would grab the bottle too…. and when I put the teat into her mouth, she would drink the milk too.  However, each time I try to feed her formula milk that’s meant for her, she would spit it out, struggle and cry.  I’ve wasted a lot of money on a few brands of expensive infant formula milk powder (Enfalac A+ and Isomil) and there’s  none that she likes…. except mummy’s milkie.  I guess it’s just not time to wean her off my teat teats just yet.

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