Baby C Said “Hey Daddy”!

I just have to put this on record.  I know it’s still way too soon for Baby C to be talking but last night, hubby and I heard Baby C saying “Hey Daddy”!

It’s a norm for Baby C to wake up at around 2-3am everyday. She will then crawl everywhere on our king size bed, climb all over us, sometimes pulls our hair or gives us a good massage on the shoulders. It was no exception last night. Baby C woke up at 3am and was in a bubbly mood and just didn’t want to go back to sleep. Suddenly, hubby and I heard her ‘saying’
“hey daddy!”. I know it could be just coincidental as Baby C loves babbling and what she babbled last night sounded so clear and precise! Daddy was beaming with pride and joy when he heard that. We just can’t wait for Baby C to be yakking away just like her 2 cheh chehs.  Oh well, maybe when Baby C can talk and answer me back when I scold her in future, I will then wish she would just shut up,  haha!

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A Kitchen Full Of Suds

On the morning of the first day of this year, I had a rude surprise when my maid told me that ‘sabun keluar dari lubang’ (suds appearing from the hole). I ran to the kitchen and saw the floor of the kitchen where our washing machine is placed covered by suds.   The suds had made its way into our home from the hole of the drain cover. Someone from the upper unit of our condo must have been washing laundry in their washing machine and had used too much detergent, so much that the suds could not flow down the concealed piped drain and have seeped into our home.  We had to used several thick towels to cover the hole and my maid had a hard time cleaning up the washing machine and floor afterward.  In fact, that wasn’t the first time but the previous time, it wasn’t that serious.  The next time this happens,  maybe I should use play dough to seal up the hole.  When we stayed at a flood prone area several years ago, we used to stick play dough on door holes, bathroom drain covers and on every part of the house where there are holes for water to seep in.

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