Sherilyn My Poor Feeder Who Takes Hours To Finish Her Food

Sherilyn would normally take between 1-3 hours to finish her meals.  During breakfast, she would sit at the dining table and take her own sweet time to  eat her food, play with her food, play with her toys, climb up and down the chairs and hop from one chair to another, drop her food, spill her drinks, etc. and dilly dally for hours until it’s time for lunch.  I don’t even have to clean her up for she will ‘transit’ from breakfast to lunch.  The same thing happens during dinner.  Sometimes she would eat from 7pm till 10pm until the dining table is cleared and everyone else has taken their shower and she would still be there chewing her food and ‘fatt ngau tau’ (daydreaming).  I get really stressed up during meal times because of her.  No amount of coaxing would make her eat her food sometimes.  

The other day, she was still storing her food in her mouth after more than an hour.  It was already almost 9pm and she was pacing the house up and down.  She went from room to room and then stood at the kitchen balcony to look at people swimming at the pool.  To encourage her to eat her food, I brought a stool to the kitchen and asked her to sit there and eat.  When I said that, her face lit up and she quickly brought her plate of cold food and sat there to eat and watched people swimming!

See how happy my brat is… but Sherilyn being Sherilyn, she dropped her food all over the kitchen floor but at least she finally finished her food at almost 9:30pm.  Sigh….. Sherilyn oh Sherilyn…. mummy just wishes you’ll eat as enthusiastically as your cheh cheh.

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Direct Offer From An Advertiser

Someone from a local advertising network called me this morning. I was very busy trying to collect Baby C’s pee (to be sent for a urine culture) and didn’t have the time to entertain her and told her to call me back at 3pm today. At 3pm sharp today, this lady called me back. I was still busy (well, I’ve never been free these days) and was quite pissed off. But when she offered me to write an advertorial on one of our local bank’s new product, which the advertiser is going to pay me RM200+, I could feel my mood instantly changed from one of being irritated to being excited! Look at me, so money-minded! Anyway, she told me that I have to attend the bank’s launch on 8 January 09. I told her that I am unable to attend and asked if I could just write the product review after reading the product description, she said it’s fine. I further asked her to send me an email to confirm this offer, which she said will be sending to me soon. I still haven’t received the email yet and I hope I’ll receive it soon.

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Super Cool Magnetic Toys

This morning has been really hectic for me. I didn’t have the time to eat a proper breakfast as I was pacing up and down. I spent almost an hour collecting Baby C’s pee, then had to supervise the contractors who were at my condo to fix the toilet floor and then later had to go down to the lobby of our condo to wait for Alycia and Sherilyn. Hubby was busy today, so we had to trouble a relative to pick the girls up from school. I really have to get a good gift for this relative’s daughter who will turn 6 years old next month. We have been troubling her for transport each time hubby is unable to pick up the girls from school or send Alycia to the ballet school.

I would like to get my relative’s daughter a birthday gift that’s both educational and can stimulate her imagination, such as the Icoaster from MagNext. The MagNext range of toys can be purchased at Icoaster is a multiple-award winning toy made of magnet in usa. The Icoaster is an impressive, buildable, state-of-the-art 64-piece magnetic roller coaster that combines sight, sound and speed with extreme magnetism and ultra-cool physics. An MP3 can also be plugged into the Icoaster for music. It is an ideal toy for kids age 6 years and up. I am pretty sure this little girl who is quite a talented child will love this magnetic toy.    If you have a child who is 6 years old or older, you really have to check out the Icoaster range of toys at

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