Sherilyn Learns Ballet Today

Sherilyn my little vain pot and princess wannabe finally got her wish come true today.   She followed her cheh cheh to the ballet school today and joined her in her class.  When Sherilyn attended the trial ballet class last year (she was 3 yo then), she was awestruck and just watched the students in their cute tutu and ballet costume dance with her mouth wide open.  She was so awestruck that she couldn’t follow what the teacher told her to do.  Consequently, the ballet teacher ordered her out of the room and she was really dejected.  Ballet schools are pretty strict on discipline.  If I sent my gals to Jean Gan Ballet Academy, I don’t think they will even be accepted as my friends who send their kids there told me that the teachers are really really strict.  Now, a year later and much matured after having attended pre-school for half a year, Sher’s learning curve has become sharper and she is more ready to take instructions.  At the ballet class today, she was very enthusiastic and followed the teacher attentively.

When the girls got home, Sherilyn was very eager to show me what she learnt in the ballet school.  Alycia who has never wanted to practise her steps or show me what she learnt in ballet school felt left out that daddy and my attention was all on Sherilyn and felt the competition.  For once, she was also eager to show me the steps and ‘corrected’ Sherilyn’s steps.  I think it’s really a good idea to send Sherilyn for ballet lessons together with Alycia.  This way, a healthy competition is created and Alycia will have more enthusiasm in learning.  My 2 daughters are just so different in characters.  Alycia is really shy, timid and reserved while Sherilyn is really outgoing, bold and wants to learn everything.

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My Little Social Butterfly Loves Going To Pre-School

Sherilyn my little social butterfly has been raring to go back to pre-school.  Since school started on Monday, she has no probs waking up in the morning. After I am back from my jogging session or gym each morning, she’s almost ready for school – milk drank, teeth brushed, all washed up and ready to wear her uniform, without much fuss. Alycia is the exact opposite. Each morning, she will tell me that she’s still sleepy or tired and refuse to get up from bed.

On Sunday night when I was cleaning and packing the gals’ school bags, Sherilyn put 2 stickers into her bag and told me that she’d like to give them to her friends LOL! I think she’s going to be Miss Congeniality in future.

Miss Congeniality is also a super vain pot and she has been insisting that her hair be tied up with cute Minnie Mouse hair bands and hair clips each morning before she goes to school.

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