Sher’s Sick But She Longs To Go To School

After Sherilyn returned from her first ballet lesson last night, she told me that she felt cold when she was having dinner.  Daddy was feeding her dinner and we thought that it was just another excuse from her to avoid eating her dinner.  Later when she was about to have her shower, her body felt hot.  I took her temperature and it read 37.7 degrees Celsius.  She was feeling lethargic and listless.  I gave her some PCM syrup and she went to bed early.  This morning, her temp was 38.8 degrees Celsius.  I quickly asked daddy to bring her to see the paed.  Before Baby C came along, I would wait for 2 days to allow Alycia or Sher’s body to heal on their own before bringing them to the doctor but now, I am worried that Baby C would catch the virus too.  So at the onset of a fever from Alycia or Sher, I would quickly bring them to the doctor.

When I told Sherilyn that she couldn’t go to school this morning, she bawled and kept saying “I want to go to school, I want to wear my uniform!”.  To stop her from bawling and to prevent her from puking (she has a tendency of puking whenever she cries), I asked my maid to let her wear the uniform.  Daddy and I then told Sher a white lie and said that daddy will bring her to see the doctor first and later bring her to school. She stopped crying and was in a bubbly mood again when she was wearing her uniform. She even insisted that she brought her school bag along.

At the clinic, Sher puked when the nurse gave her some PCM syrup.  As her temp was very high, she was given a suppository.  Daddy had vomit all over his clothes.  When daddy brought Sher home, Sher was in a crabby mood and refused to talk to daddy and me coz she couldn’t go to school.  She just sat on the toilet seat for almost half an hour, bowed down her head and put her face on her hands.  She kept giving me an angry stare and refused to talk to anyone.  After she had calmed down, my maid washed her up (as she had vomit on her clothes) and I fed her her meds.

I will keep Sher away from school for another day tomorrow.  Daddy will have to find another way of stopping her from bawling.  Today daddy bought Sher a cheapskate made in China toy handphone with ringtones to ‘thum’ (make her happy) her as she was angry with him for not bringing her to school.  Daddy also bought Alycia a cheapskate made in China toy.  Guess what toy daddy bought Alycia?  You’ll be surprised to know.  I shall blog about it later. 

So would you be happy or sad to have a daughter who just loves going to school, so much so that she will bawl big time when she can’t go to school when she’s ill?

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