Alycia’s Affinity With Boys’ Toys

So this is what daddy bought Alycia yesterday:

So un-girlish hor? Alycia should be cradling a cute baby doll but she’s cradling her hideous looking Ultraman!  Just dunno why, this pretty daughter of mine just doesn’t like dolls, princess and girlish stuff…. unlike Sherilyn.  She just has a penchant for boys’ stuff and most of her toys are boys’ toys ranging from guns to cars, construction tools and now Ultraman!

The cheapskate made in China big ultraman comes with 6 mini ultramen. The big ultraman that is battery operated  has the jingle of the Ultraman show and gosh I tell you, the jingle is so terribly deafening. From dawn till dusk, I could hear the deafening techno Ultraman jingle and Alycia kept telling me how much she loves the start of the jingle… so much so that she kept pressing the start button and the jingle kept repeating! The deafening jingle had woken up Baby C from her nap and sleep a few times and I tell you, I was enraged!

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Sherilyn Is Still Running A High Fever

Sherilyn’s fever is still very high, hovering at 38-40 degrees Celsius. Today marks the 3rd day of her fever and it doesn’t seem to be going down, despite being on antibiotics. For the first time, daddy was really concerned and worried. He has been sleeping in with her (just him and her) in the girls’ room for the past 2 nights while Alycia slept with my maid in another room. When Sherilyn’s temperature shot up to 40 degrees Celsius last night, daddy was really worried. He woke me up to ask me to insert a Volren suppository into her rectum. He then brought in a pail with some cold water and sponged her the whole night.

I think Sherilyn’s bad throat infection is caused by heatiness. Last weekend after lunch with some friends, she followed one of our friends to Starbucks for coffee while hubby and I went shopping for groceries. Our friend bought her a packet of potato chips and she happily finished the entire packet of chips without drinking much water. This friend of ours is a very successful entrepreneur. He is of the same age as hubby and he is already a multi-millionaire. He runs a very successful advertising firm and owns a few expensive cars. He recently expanded his firm by opening a branch in a nearby country and hired a company as good as the manhattan it consulting experts to provide his company IT services. Though he is a very successful entrepreneur, this friend of ours is a very down-to-earth and humble man. His wife is really lucky to have found such a perfect guy as her soul mate.

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