Updates On My Gals

My girls have been driving me up the wall these few days.  Sherilyn who has been having high fever for the past 5 days has been really crabby.  She doesn’t want to eat anything or drink anything and I have to force her to drink liquid.  I’ve spent almost my entire day for the past 5 days feeding meds and health supplements to 2 sick kittens.  At night, hubby does the night duty and sleeps in with Sherilyn.  He will check her temperature, sponge her and feed her meds round the clock.  At times when her fever shoots up to 40 degrees Celsius, he will wake me up and get my help to insert the suppository.  Sherilyn who has always been very clingy to daddy cried for almost an hour this morning when he left the house.  The sound of her wailing can really drive me nuts.

Baby C has been bitten by the cold bug as well since last night.  I’d expected her to be bitten too coz both mummy and cheh cheh were bitten hard.  Fortunately Baby C’s cold is only very mild.  I hope it does not accelerate into a full blown flu.  I’m also praying hard that Alycia doesn’t get bitten as well.  Can you imagine how hard my days would be if all my 3 gals are down with full blown flu and all 3 of them get crabby and cry all day long? 

Hubby and I have been going in and out of the hospital with Baby C for the past 1 week…. two urine tests done in a week and another one to be done this Saturday, along with an ultrasound scan.  Even our nephrologist lets out a sigh… coz we are now doubting the accuracy of the first urine culture report done at a hospital near where we stay. The WBC and the colony count of the bacteria do not seem to jive. The WBCs and bacteria colony count in her pee seem to be moving like a yoyo… up and down and the bacteria keeps changing.  You can check out my health blog to read the details.

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