Yet Another Bright Idea From My Brat

Sherilyn never fails to make my blood boil and send steam shooting out from my head… yet she always makes me laugh at her antics. Two days ago, when she was still running a high fever, she would have shivering episodes whenever the fever shot up to above 39 degrees Celsius. We were all seated at the dining table and having our dinner when she told me that her legs felt cold. I touched her body and it was burning with heat. Her fever had come back and though her body was hot, I could see goose bumps all over her hands and legs. I was feeding Baby C porridge and couldn’t help her get a jacket or a nappy.    She then ran to the laundry basket, ransacked the basket of clean clothes with her sticky hands and fished out a pillow case.  I was starting to feel steam shooting out from my head coz her hands were sticky and black with black sesame bread spread …. but when I saw what she did with the pillow case, I just couldn’t help but laugh out loud, though I tried hard to suppress my laughter….

… coz Sherilyn looked really ridiculous yet funny and in a way, it was a real bright idea coming out from this cili padi (that’s her nickname)… coz the pillow case could cover her legs and feet as well, just like a blanky.

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