Sherilyn Finally Got To Wear Her Ballet Costume

Yesterday was Sherilyn’s second ballet lesson, well it was supposed to be her third but she missed a lesson last week when she was down with high fever.

I normally have a hard time getting Sherilyn to wake up from her afternoon nap but yesterday was an exception. At the mention of “Sherilyn, wake up and get ready for your ballet class”, she jumped out from bed, drank a cup of water without any fuss and without spilling (yay!), went to pee and asked me to put on her costume for her and to tie up her hair.

This week, Alycia has to attend ballet lessons three times in a week, all in a row, from Wednesday through Friday. She normally has lessons only once a week but the lessons have been increased to twice a week to prepare her for an exam in May. The class today (Thursday) is a replacement class. Since Sherilyn missed a class last week, she’s also joining her sister in the class. BTW, Sherilyn and Alycia are in the same class. After the exam in May, their class will be separated.

When I asked Alycia and Sherilyn to pose for a pic, Alycia who was grouchy (she just woke up from her nap) refused to smile but Sherilyn tried to make her laugh….

…and Sherilyn succeeded in making her sister laugh and act silly too….

2 not-so-gracious little girls… on their way to become gracious ballerinas….

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