Nothing’s Gonna Stop Her From Crawling

Though both her hands are bandaged, Baby C’s still very determined to crawl and cruise. I thought that since her left hand is also bandaged, she wouldn’t be able to meddle with her right bandage (with the IV line) or put things into her mouth but I was wrong. My little tough cookie keeps moving her left fingers to wriggle them out from the bandage…. which she managed to successfully loosen the surgical tapes. She also keeps licking the paper that’s wrapped round the board until I had to cover the bandage with one side of the socks on her left hand! This very determined trooper can also use her fingers that are exposed in the bandage to pick up her toys… !  She even tried lowering her head to her toy, which was a plastic book, and tried flipping the book together with both her bandaged hands!

When Baby C kept whining and fussing the moment she’s placed in her playpen aka. cage, I had no choice but to carry her out and place her on the floor to crawl…. and used plastic bags to tie up the bandage. Though a little immobilized, my tough cookie was all smiles the moment she was put on the floor…. and she was swiftly gallivanting the floor by crawling and cruising.

Hehehe…. nothing’s gonna stop me from crawling….

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Importance of Life Insurance

One of the many things that I have had to consider before I made my decision to leave the corporate world to be a full-time mom to my kids 3 years ago was whether the hubs would be able to provide us all a fairly comfortable life with just one income in the household. It was one of the toughest cross roads in my life that I was faced with. It took me almost half a year to come up with that decision – a decision to leave the job that I loved to be a ‘yellow face’ lady and a yelling mom!

The hubs has been reassuring me time and again that he will try his best to provide us all a comfortable life and does not want me to return to the workforce. During the initial months of my leaving the corporate world, I was plagued with worries that should anything happen to the hubs, the kids and I would be left in a lurch. The hubs has also always been telling me not to worry as he has a life insurance policy and our future would be secured should the unforeseen happen to him. This gives me a tad peace of mind and I’m glad that he was wise enough to have purchased a life insurance plan more than a decade ago.

Having a life insurance plan is essential if we have people who depend on us. Both the hubs and I have a life insurance plan, along with a medical and hospitalization insurance plan. Having a life insurance plan gives us a security that should anyone of us be stricken with any misfortune, our kids would still be able to go to college and hopefully university.

If you do not have a life insurance policy yet, wait no further. Do check out today for some free quotes and they can even help you with the financing of your life insurance products. Remember, life is so full of uncertainties and you never know what’s going to happen to you tomorrow.

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